As people’s pursuit of delicious food becomes higher and higher, smoothies have gradually become people’s favorite choice. Because it is a delicious and healthy cold drink. Especially in the hot summer, a cup of smoothie with rich taste and attractive colors can relieve the heat and quench thirst. It also satisfies the taste buds. Therefore, many merchants have begun to consider opening smoothie counters in shopping malls to attract more consumers. In the United States, Simon Mall is a popular shopping destination, attracting a large number of consumers. However, opening a smoothie shop in such a competitive environment is an opportunity for many people. This article helps you better understand this industry and guide you to formulate a feasible business plan.

Market trends

In recent years, American consumers’ demand for smoothie products has continued to grow. This is mainly due to consumers’ pursuit of healthy eating and their attempts to explore new and unique flavors. In addition, as the global climate warms, consumers’ demand for cold drinks is also increasing. Therefore, opening a smoothie shop can meet this market demand.

As a large shopping mall, Simon Mall in the United States has a huge passenger flow and a wide range of consumer groups. Opening a high-quality, distinctive bubble tea kiosk will have great business potential. Merchants can make full use of the flow of people in shopping malls to attract more consumers. At the same time, shopping malls provide a good business environment and complete infrastructure, providing merchants with a stable business place. However, it should be noted that due to the fierce competition in shopping malls, you need to ensure that your smoothie shop is competitive enough and has a good reputation.

Site selection strategy

When opening a smoothie kiosk in Simon Mall, location selection is key. Factors need to be considered. Such as the flow of people in the mall, the location and number of competitors, rental costs, etc. You need to choose an area close to the entrance or with high traffic. Such as in the center of a shopping mall or near a dining area. To attract more customers and increase sales. Additionally, if possible, you can choose a location that already has another successful smoothie shop. Which can bring more traffic to your smoothie shop.

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Business strategy

  • Product Strategy

Smoothies have various flavors, rich colors, and high nutritional value. Especially in the hot summer, a cup of cold smoothie can quickly relieve the discomfort caused by high temperatures. While satisfying the taste buds of consumers. At the same time, merchants can launch special smoothies according to seasons and holidays to attract consumers’ attention.

When opening a smoothie shop in Simon Mall, products are the core competitiveness. You need to develop smoothie products that have unique taste, are healthy and nutritious, and meet consumer needs. In addition, you can also consider adding some specialty ingredients such as fresh fruits, nuts, juice, bubble tea, etc. to increase product differentiation. Besides, the smoothie production process is simple. Merchants can also upgrade it according to consumers’ tastes and needs, giving it greater flexibility.

  • Price strategy

Merchants formulate reasonable price strategies based on product costs and market competition. While ensuring profit margins, consumers’ purchasing power must also be taken into consideration to maintain product competitiveness. Price is a factor of great concern to consumers at Simon Malls. When developing a pricing strategy, you need to take into account costs, competitor pricing, and consumer buying psychology. If your smoothie shop is positioned as a high-end market, then the price can be appropriately higher; if your smoothie shop is positioned as a mass market, then the price needs to be competitive. At the same time, to attract more consumers, you can set up some preferential activities or membership systems.

  • Service Strategy

Service is an important factor affecting consumer experience. When opening a smoothie shop in Simon Mall, you need to provide warm and thoughtful services so that consumers can feel your care and attention. You need to process consumer orders quickly to ensure they get their smoothie products in a short time. At the same time, while consumers are waiting, you can provide some free snacks or drinks to increase consumer satisfaction.

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Marketing strategy

Increase the popularity of the smoothie counter through advertising, promotional activities, etc. For example, you can carry out advertising in or around shopping malls to attract potential customers. You can also launch promotions during holidays or weekends, such as buy one, get one free, discounts, etc., to increase sales.

  1. Traditional marketing methods: When opening a smoothie shop in Simon Mall, you can promote and promote it in traditional ways. For example, you can create beautiful flyers or posters and place them in prominent locations in shopping malls to attract consumers’ attention. At the same time, you can also place advertisements inside the mall or in surrounding areas to increase your brand awareness.
  2. Social media marketing: Social media is a very popular way of marketing right now. When opening a smoothie shop in Simon Mall, you can use social media platforms to promote it. For example, you can post photos and information about your smoothie shop on Facebook, Instagram, etc. to attract more followers. At the same time, you can also increase consumer loyalty by interacting with consumers and sharing promotional information.

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Cost-benefit analysis

  1. Initial investment cost: The initial investment cost of opening a smoothie counter includes equipment purchase fees, store decoration fees, rent, etc. Among them, the equipment purchase fee mainly includes necessary production equipment such as smoothie machines, blenders, and refrigerators; the store decoration fee should take into account the regulations and brand image of the mall; the rent is determined according to the specific conditions of the mall.
  2. Operating costs: Operating costs include raw material purchase fees, employee wages, water and electricity bills, etc. Among them, the purchase cost of raw materials is one of the main costs of making smoothies, and price fluctuations and market demand should be taken into consideration; employee wages are based on local wage levels and store size; water and electricity bills are related to the store’s operating hours and equipment usage.
  3. Revenue analysis: Based on market demand and pricing strategy, the sales volume and profit margin of the smoothie counter can be estimated. If sales are much greater than operating costs, then there is room for profit in opening a smoothie counter. View more fresh juice kiosk options

Risks and Challenges

  1. Market competition: There are many catering brands and cold drink shops in shopping malls, and the competition in the smoothie market is fierce. Therefore, if you want to stand out from the competition, you need to continuously improve product quality and service levels. As well as innovative marketing methods.
  2. Seasonal factors: The sales of smoothies are greatly affected by seasons. Summer is the peak sales season, while winter is relatively poor. Therefore, it is necessary to adjust business strategies in winter, such as launching winter hot drinks and other products to increase sales.
  3. Management challenges: Opening a smoothie counter requires certain management capabilities, including personnel management, inventory management, quality control, etc. At the same time, it is also necessary to deal with the management regulations and requirements of the shopping mall to ensure that store operations comply with regulations.

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