A bakery kiosk is mainly used to display and sell bread, cakes, crepes, and even beverages. As a mall kiosk, you can add workbenches if the mall allows so that guests can see the bakery-making process. Bakery shop has a lot of glass display areas, and they have many shelves to hold more bread for customers to choose from. For merchants, the most important thing about a bakery is that it is easy to use, highlights the company theme, and attracts customers to buy. So customizing a bakery service stall is very important. No matter when you plan to start a business, you can get a unique bakery kiosk soon. View the popular bakery kiosk below.

Are you looking for a special mall bakery shop? Do you want to add your thoughts to the bakery shop design? We are the direct factory, that provides both cupcake kiosk design and production work. Our company has helped the thoughts of merchants and entrepreneurs start businesses. If it’s your first business in the bakery booth, the below information will help you learn more.

Popular bakery shop interior design

Bakery shop interior design determines the customer’s first impression of you and brings benefits to your shop. If your store design can stand out from the crowd, you will get a lot of traffic. All you have to do is improve customer service and the taste of your food, turn new customers into loyal fans and take your business further.

  • bakery kioskSimple but useful: This type of mall kiosk is usually suitable for small size locations and merchants who want to control costs. Because the small bread kiosk will reasonably allocate the work area, display area, storage area, and publicity area to maximize space utilization. Use simple color combinations such as brown, black, and gray combined with white. It will create a harmonious and concise store atmosphere, giving a simple and lively feeling.
  • Modern and attractive: Every merchant wants to have a popular and attractive retail food kiosk. And modern styling and decoration are a good choice. You can add light to the counter to impress people with attractive graphics or even bread shapes. Using wood, tile, stone surface and other materials can make your bakery shop stand out.
  • High-end and unique: High-end mall kiosk design is suitable for chain brands as this uniform style will make your brand remember your brand. Usually, golden metal surface decoration is used, the luster of this metal will enhance the image of the store and increase the added value of the product. The bread kiosk will also use stone countertops, integrating the brand concept into the kiosk design, the visual effect is very unique, and it is easy to use.

The layout of the mall bread kiosk design

Retail bread kiosk layout depends on the location and shape of your store. If you have a clear idea, please send us a layout plan directly. We will design the bread kiosk according to your plan. Or you can directly tell us the size and requirements, our designers will help to find a suitable layout solution.

  1. Open locations: Usually, the front is used as a display area and cashier area, and even pick up area also set here. And the back counter is usually used for a workbench, where necessary equipment such as baking equipment, microwave ovens, mixers, etc. are placed. The sink and entrance will be located on the back or side. You can choose an open-faced bread kiosk design so people can see you from all angles.
  2. Near the wall: The side against the wall is usually used as a side or back (depending on the rental location) to place machines, equipment, etc. The difference is that we can put posters, patterns, and logos here. It’s also a good idea to add wall cabinets or display shelving.
  3. Irregular space: Irregular locations are usually not square, so you’ll need to measure each side to make sure the counter you’ve made will fit the bill. The best way is to get the floor plan provided by the mall. We place the counter and display area according to the floor plan and the actual location.

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Colors of bakery stall

Bakery stall color also needs to be chosen carefully, it is usually to guide customers’ consumption. Warm colors are known to give a warm, homely feeling. And cool colors create a sense of distance. Therefore, bakery lighting is mostly decorated with warm yellow light. Similarly, cabinets color also use warn colors that reflect brand and items well.

  • Brown and yellow: Brown and yellow colors are commonly used in bakeries, and these colors can highlight the product well. When people see that it can be associated with bread, it is also good publicity.
  • Wooden: Wood grain color is a very popular style at the moment. Solid wood and veneer can give people a feeling of being close to nature. At the same time, the solid wood display stands with tempered glass shelving can also make bread better display bread.

What are the different forms of bakery booths?

There are 3 kinds of bakery booths commonly found in shopping malls, you can choose according to your business and budget. Whatever form of bread booth you need, you can get them at Mall-kiosk.

  1. Mall food kiosk: Mall kiosk is the most common form. Whether you are promoting a brand, expanding your business, or creating your own. Opting for a mall food kiosk is a good idea. Its moderate price and fixed location make it the first choice for the majority of businesses
  2. Mobile food cart: Mobile food cart can use anywhere in the shopping mall. It has wheels to move around. You can also set it in a certain location. Mobile cart size ranges from 1.2m to 2.4m long, depending on your location.
  3. Bakery shop: Bakery shop is the most expensive idea compared to the other 2 forms. Because it has a large space, view as a retail bakery shop. Includes display counter, reception area with cashier counter, kitchen room for work, and even seating room. Looks like a restaurant inside the mall.

How to open a bakery shop in the mall?

To open a nice cake kiosk, please notice 3 questions below. The more comprehensive your plan, the closer you are to success

  1. What kind of bread do you sell? There are many types of bread, and you need to consider which range to sell. If it is bread already on the market, what is your advantage? You can regularly exit new categories to attract customers while developing a marketing strategy for your products is important.
  2. Who do you sell the bread to? Before answering this question you need to define your brand’s market positioning. You need to know your target customer group. For example, go to the bakery to see the detailed status of people’s selection and purchase of bread.
  3. Where do you sell bread? You can choose which mall to start your business in according to your positioning and target customer group. Of course, the booth fees in high-end shopping malls are relatively high, so it is very important to choose a good location in the shopping mall.

Whenever you plan to start with a bakery kiosk in the mall, learning this project in advance is necessary. You can make full preparation to open. Contact us if you need further information and unique bakery shop design.