Bao bun kiosk is very popular among people because it provides delicious taste bao buns and is a good place to advert brand theme. As a Chinese food booth in the mall, bao buns are suitable for breakfast, afternoon tea, and snacks. Now that you plan to start with a Bao bun kiosk, you can also sell soy milk, milk, coffee, and green tea, to increase sales performance. Besides, bao buns have a big family, you can make bao buns with different fillings to satisfy all customer’s demands. Such as char siew bao, Shao bao, meat buns, vegetable buns, etc. The mall kiosk has a cashier counter, working table, etc. You can decorate it according to your shop theme and makes your shop stand out. If you need a nice Chinese style bao buns booth, just choose one from our website. We can also customize it for you.

No matter when you plan to open a bao bun kiosk, it’s necessary to prepare them in advance. Many people like to eat buns, so bun shops have opened one after another. If you also want to invest in opening a bun store yourself, you must first do the preliminary preparations, purchase a set of handy equipment and go through the relevant procedures for opening a store.

What equipment do you need to open a bun shop?

  1. bao buns kioskNoodle pressing machine: A noodle kneading machine and noodle pressing machine are necessary equipment for opening a bun shop. On the one hand, it can help improve the output and efficiency of buns in the store. On the other hand, it can ensure the uniform taste of buns and avoid manual errors. When purchasing, choose according to the actual size and placement of your storefront. Dumpling kiosk designs
  2. Steaming bun stove: The stove is the main equipment for frying bun stuffing. Generally, gas and natural gas are the main fuels in the storefront, and the stoves used for different gas are different. So you need to consider what gas to use. The steaming bun oven is the key equipment for steaming buns. A set of steaming bun ovens with excellent quality can be used for many years. Pay attention to maintenance during use.
  3. Single cutting machine: single cutting machine, also known as a meat grinder. To open a bun shop, you need to make a lot of fillings every day. If you simply rely on manual meat cutting, it will waste labor and affect the output, so a single cutting machine is necessary equipment to buy.
  4. Refrigerator: The refrigerator is a refrigerated and operable console. The top surface is where the dough is kneaded, the agent is pulled, and the buns are packed, which is equivalent to a chopping board. The space below is a refrigerator, where you can put items in the store that need to be refrigerated. So, we need to reserve enough space.
  5. Other equipment: Soymilk maker, tables, chairs, benches, water heaters, kitchen knives, electronic scales, large frying pans, bowls, spoons, pans, etc. Don’t forget the cashier’s equipment.

Materials for China style bao buns kiosk

Material is important to a bun shop because it determines the high quality, sturdy construction, and durability of the mall bun kiosk. So don’t ignore materials when you build the snack kiosk in a shopping mall.

  • Basic material: MDF and Plywood. You can choose MDF or Plywood to make the food kiosk accordingly. Most bao buns kiosks choose plywood, because it has stable chemical and physical properties, is waterproof, is moisture-proof, and is not easy to swell. But MDF can be made into Unique and attractive styles, it also smoothies and brilliant surface.
  • Decoration material: Baking paint, lamination, tile, solid wood, metal, artificial plants, etc. These materials are used on the bao buns stall surface to create a comfortable store atmosphere. For example, you can use stainless steel for a high-level shop theme. Tile adds to the back wall of the kitchen counter.
  • Countertop material: Stone. Artificial stone in white color is used in the most food booth. Because it is strong to use and can reflect the products.
  • Other materials: Tempered glass, stainless steel, hardware, etc. Tempered glass is usually used to make showcases or add to the countertop as a divider. Stainless steel kicking to protect the bakery kiosk well.
  • Logo material: Acrylic, wood, Neon, hollow-out logo. A band logo is very important, so you have to choose one that indicates your shop theme. If you don’t know which logo fits, just contact us. Our design team will help you.

How to open a bao buns kiosk?

Many people think that running a steamed bun shop is easy, but it is not the case. There are many ways to open a Chinese food stall. So, how to open a bun store? Here are a few tips that I hope can help you.

  1. Brand name: The name of the store should have its characteristics. Customers should contact your products when they see the name of the store. A store name that is tasteful, easy to remember, and has practical meaning can be popular.
  2. Rent a booth: It is important to choose a good location to start the churros kiosk. The site selection should consider the consumer population and the flow of people in the mall. Close to schools, office buildings, business districts, subways, and residential areas booth is helpful to improve business and earn clients.
  3. Decoration: The simple design and decoration of mall food kiosks can satisfy most shop owners’ demands. But it must have characteristics, integrate the business philosophy into the decoration, and convey the company culture. You can also design the counter layout and arrange the working area and display area reasonably. Both employees and clients leave a deep impression on your business.
  4. Join a brand: If you plan to join a brand, you need to consider the influence of the brand, so you will avoid a lot of detours. If you need financial support, when you choose an investor, you must choose a mature and reliable investor. Provide you with some help on the technical level and business method, so that it will be relatively easy when the store is just starting up.

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3 Suggestions to make the bao buns kiosk successful

How to make money is a question that every shop owner considers. You can put up posters to remind people of your products. And you can also come up with an attractive marketing plan to gain more new customers. However, we should focus on the below 3 basic tips first

  • Taste of steamed buns: The taste should be rich and diversified so that there will be more choices for customers. Secondly, the taste must be good, the taste of the buns is good, and there may be repeat customers. You can adjust the fillings to suit the local customer’s taste, emphasizing the regional specialize is also a great idea.
  • Hygiene: As a food kiosk, hygiene is very important. The raw materials of the steamed buns must be purchased cleanly and hygienically, and the clothing of the employees must be clean and tidy. For hygiene, the cashier area and the pickup counter must be separated and different people are needed. This requires better cooperation between the two to avoid mistakes.
  • Provide food set series: It is necessary to choose food and drinks that go with the buns, such as soy milk. Taking into account your long-term business, you can match the package in advance, and customers can buy it directly. Save clients ordering time, you can receive more people.

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