A studio used by Barber kiosk to provide services such as hair cutting, hair styling, and hair extensions. It is mainly used in shopping malls and can also be seen in hair salon shops, beauty salon stores, and eyebrow threading shops. A Barber kiosk is regarded as a fashion icon, so you need to consider the decoration, layout, and design concept of the counter before opening a barber kiosk. A good renovation can help you attract potential customers, and you just need to do a good job to get loyal fan customers. Merchant can also put up hair styling posters on the kiosk wall to attract people. No matter how unique a barber kiosk you need, you can find it on our website.

Barbershops have always been a profitable business, selling services and technology. Especially starting a barber shop in a mall requires a small investment, such as booth rent, utility bills, etc. This greatly ensures the liquidity of the storefront. You treat customers warmly and politely and coupled with your superb hair styling skills, there will be many repeat customers. They’ll say, “That’s a good one.” Helping you get a good reputation. At the same time, they will also refer you to friends so that you will have more clients. You can also provide top-up memberships, sell shampoo, etc. to increase turnover.

Popular styles of barber kiosks

The decor of the Barber kiosk is very important, it is the first impression you will make on your guests. And a good hair salon decoration is easy to form a brand effect, which is conducive to your establishment of a chain brand and business expansion. Here are 3 popular decorating styles introduced to you

  1. barber kioskWooden strip design: The beauty kiosk decorated with solid wood strips, planks, and wooden frames is very popular. It only needs simple styling to make your barber booth look very high-end. And the decoration of wood grain has always been very popular and will not be out of date.
  2. Glossy surface effect: The hair salon kiosk has a high gloss and bright finish. It looks very beautiful and atmospheric. It makes your store stand out. You can also choose bright color combinations to highlight your shop.
  3. Metal premium style: The metallic luster can enhance the high-end store atmosphere. Whether you decorate with gold-brushed stainless steel or mirrored stainless steel, it will brighten up your store.

Hair straightener kiosk design

According to a survey, 52% of consumers aged 18 to 45 pay attention to the design of hair salons and beauty salons. So what issues should we pay attention to when designing a hair salon shop? Here are a few aspects to illustrate:

  • Signboard: The signboard is the “face” that directly reflects the image of the store and is the billboard that highlights the store’s operation and culture. Pay attention to color matching, generally with dark colors as the main body to be eye-catching. Pick a good name for your hair booth that is fresh, memorable, and easy to say. A good name can bring business and facilitate publicity.
  • Style: The decoration style shows the company culture and professional atmosphere of the barber studio. The store’s business philosophy is also easily recognized by customers. At the same time, merchants display business items and prices in suitable locations, so that customers can see them at a glance. The style is different from other counterparts, and it is appropriate to embellish a few high-end handicrafts to improve the grade of the store.
  • Color: Color can create a store atmosphere that makes customers feel relaxed, comfortable, and warm. Dark colors will give a high-end vibe but pair it with metal for bright lighting, otherwise, guests are prone to mood swings. Light and light colors are the main color of barber kiosks, which can relax the tension of customers.

Barbershop furniture layout

  1. Stylist workspace: Generally occupy two-thirds of the entire mall booth. The operation area is the place where customers are directly served, and it is required to be loose, clean, and comfortable. The mirrors should be bright, the chairs and counters should be beautiful, and the shapes should be unique. View the massage kiosk here
  2. Waiting area: The waiting area is usually set up next to the entrance or reception desk. Guests can sit and wait for service, and escorts can also rest here.
  3. Commodity display cabinet: It is a glass display counter or showcase. Mainly place some shampoo, hair care essential oil, and other related products. Guests can buy on demand. Usually, the product display cabinet should be placed on the right side of the entrance door.
  4. Storage space: The storage space is mainly used to store hairdressing tools, styling products, etc. It can improve the space utilization of barber kiosks. Can be a drawer, a locker next to a workbench, wall-mounted shelving, etc.
  5. Shampoo bed: The shampoo bed is usually placed in a corner position, which does not interfere with work and is convenient to use. A 4m*3m barber shop can set up a shampoo.
  6. Cashier: The cashier should be integrated with the overall design of the store, and it is better to be refined, beautiful, and small. The cash register should take into account the control design of computers, speakers, and lights so that it is easy to operate. You can also display the brand logo and price list here for guests to check.
  7. Lighting: The lighting in the hair salon shop needs to be bright. You can use energy-saving decorative lamps, mirror lamps, and so on.

How much investment is needed to open a barber shop?

There is no specific figure for the amount of investment required to open a small hair salon, and the amount of investment is affected by many factors. Currently opening a barber shop in the mall invests between 10K USD to 30k USD. The required investments are as follows:

  • First of all, the rent of the shop: the rent depends on the size of the booth and the grade of the shopping mall. High-end shopping malls are more expensive, and the larger the size, the more expensive the rent. 3m*3m booth rent is 3000usd to 5000usd per month.
  • The second is the decoration cost. The decoration of the hairdresser should be of a higher grade. After all, people nowadays like to go to a place with a higher grade to consume, and they can get a kind of enjoyment. You can choose to customize a barber kiosk, the price is about 8000usd, depending on the size, shape, and material.
  • Finally, there are staff wages, hairdressing equipment, and water and electricity costs, which should be decided according to the specific situation.