Do you like the beauty shop in the mall? A beauty shop is a beauty service place that provides people with beauty care, skin care, spa, and more. The beauty shop services include simple moisturizing care, routine facial care, eye care, freckle treatment, whitening and rejuvenation treatment, and other services. Beauty kiosk is also a terminal agency selling professional cosmetics. It’s a good option to decorate the beauty booth to make it outstanding and attractive. Beauty salon shop furniture includes a massage chair, glass showcase, storage cabinets, reception desk, brand image wall, etc. Mall kiosk provide unique beauty mall stalls for business, it’s customized according to your location size, color, and brand theme. View the beauty booth below.

As society progresses, everyone wants to make a good impression of themselves. Especially female friends, who regularly go to beauty salons for skin care to keep in good condition. Many businesses choose to start a beauty kiosk business, and it’s never too late no matter when you plan to open. The beauty industry has great prospects for development, and the business of choosing a good location is half the battle. For beauty salons, the choice of location will largely determine the future business development of the store. Commercial centers have developed rapidly in recent years, and opening a beauty kiosk in a mall is a good idea.

Mall beauty booth advantages

In a shopping mall, a convenient location can bring you a lot of potential consumers. You need to rent a booth in a mall, high-end malls with large size booths usually have higher rents. Correspondingly, the high-quality customers brought by shopping malls are also unmatched by other places.

  • beauty kioskTraffic in the mall. Shopping malls generally have standard professional management, so the overall atmosphere of the shopping mall will be relatively high-end. Consumers trust the mall, trust the merchants in the mall, and are willing to spend more.
  • Promote brand image. Opening a cosmetic kiosk in a shopping mall has a very positive effect on brand building and publicity. But at the same time, the grades and standards of beauty salons must also comply with the regulations of shopping malls. This also means that businesses need to invest in the image design and decoration of skin care booths.
  • Improve service quality. Shopping malls attract customers with the same level of consumption. The high-end nature of the mall itself will make consumers have higher service requirements for beauty salons in the mall. Therefore, to open a beauty salon in the mall, you must first ensure that you can receive high-demand customers. If you are opening a mid-to-high-end shopping mall, it is very necessary to improve the skills and service quality of employees. This will also help you gain a good reputation.

Cost of Mall beauty shop

Beauty salon decoration needs to be upscale, stylish, and eye-catching. The decoration principle is consistent with the style of the shopping mall and can highlight the experience concept of the enterprise. The owner of the beauty salon needs to understand the rules of the shopping mall in detail, and formulate a reasonable project plan and cost budget.

  1. Rental fees: renting a booth in a shopping mall requires a deposit and rent. This ensures that businesses operate properly and is also a guarantee for customers. Therefore, owners of beauty salons in shopping malls should pay attention to cost control. The location and size of the stalls in the mall are different.
  2. Beauty salon counter fee: After confirming the booth, you need to start customizing the eyebrow threading kiosk counter. In the mall kiosk factory, the price of a set of beauty salon kiosks is around $8200, the price depends on your beauty booth design.
  3. Products cost: Product cost is a necessary expense. How to buy products when opening a beauty salon? You can find beauty product manufacturers to discuss cooperation and ensure the price and supply chain of the products. At the same time, a purchase list is formulated according to the sales volume to ensure the appropriate inventory of the product. You can also find a franchise chain to work with to help you choose the volume that suits your storefront. Generally speaking, the franchise headquarters has its manufacturers, and the franchise headquarters has certain thresholds and standards for purchasing goods, and it is more convenient to communicate.
  4. Labor cost: For beauty salons, the skills of beauty technicians are the key. Hiring a highly skilled technician is very necessary if you can’t do it yourself. The number of beauty technicians depends on the size of your store and the business in your store.

Makeup kiosk counter

The product display cabinet is one of the necessary equipment for beauty salons because the product display cabinet is an important window to successfully sell products. There are two main functions of the product display cabinet: one is to display products and effectively transmit the information about beauty salon products; the other is to play the role of beautifying beauty salons, exquisite beauty salons can convey the overall beauty of beauty salons, Warm. When choosing a product display cabinet, you need to pay attention to the following points.

  1. Counter design: The design of product display cabinets should be concise, to achieve positive interaction with customers and promote transactions. That is, customers are willing to reach for the product, and can easily and comfortably get the product. Such product display cabinets should be designed with open counters as much as possible. Customers can have “zero distance” contact with the products, and it is easier to understand the products they are interested in.
  2. Reasonable display: Product display cabinets generally choose open or semi-open forms. If the waiting area of the beauty booth is relatively large, you can choose to set a semi-circular counter with a slightly higher sofa between the sofas to facilitate the waiting area. Customer browsing. The products of the display cabinet should be displayed according to the customer’s habits, to attract customers and create a beautiful store atmosphere. For example, when displaying basic skin care products, display them according to the steps of cleansing, exfoliating, toning, and moisturizing. This approach maintains the integrity of the complete set of products. And it also increases the probability that customers will purchase the complete set of products.
  3. Window display: The window mainly displays the main products, and consumers can see the increase in purchase desire at first glance. The window display cabinet is also the most prominent and conspicuous position in the store.

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Beauty salon shop design

Usually, the store manager reviews the design drawings of the beauty salon kiosk before signing the contract to ensure that the material, size, and shape meet the requirements. So you need to prepare 3D design drawings in advance. Once approved, production can begin immediately. It is recommended to allow at least 2 months of production and shipping time.

  • Color Matching: The color matching of the products should be harmonious, and the product colors of the exhibit display cabinets should be reasonably matched. Soft beauty is the biggest style of beauty salons, so many beauty salons choose elegant colors as the keynote when decorating. Besides, try to arrange products with similar colors together and create a gradient effect from light to dark. If the color of the product packaging is too contrasting with the tone of the beauty salon, you can add spotlights on the display rack to make the product blend into the whole environment.
  • Material Combination: The materials depend on the massage kiosk structure, surface decoration effect, etc. You can choose a wooden grain display with a marble pattern to create a natural and dignified store atmosphere. Decorate and shape with metal strips to add added value to your store and products. And the glossy finish of the lacquer can also make your store stand out. If you do not know what material is suitable for your beauty booth, please contact us immediately, the designer will help you choose the best solution.