Are you looking for beverage kiosk in the mall? Beverage kiosk is mainly used to sell various beverages such as juice, coffee, cola, sparkling water and more. It includes service table with cashier register, working counter with beverage machine, blender, etc. Brand logo and signage attach to the kiosk body to reminds people of your shop theme. There are many unique styles of beverage kiosk in the shopping mall, no matter how special of food kiosk you want, you can find it here in our website. For example, U style, L shape, oval counter, etc. View more details about beverage kiosk.

With the fast development of a healthier lifestyle, people like to drink at beverage kiosks. The beverage industry is an ancient industry, which originated from people’s desire for a better life. Like food, drinks are also a sublimation of the basic element of life – water. In ancient China, teahouses were the unsophisticated representatives of the beverage industry. In Western countries, coffee is one of the most common beverages. Starting a beverage kiosk now is a good and profitable idea. or reprocessing and reservice of the original product. They have the characteristics of diverse commodity types, flexible management, and strong market adaptability. The operating varieties can be divided into general drinks, freshly squeezed fruit drinks, brewed drinks, alcoholic drinks, carbonated drinks, and functional drinks. No matter what type of beverages you sell, our mall kiosk will provide you with the right beverage booth

Types of beverage kiosk

Unique styling will make your Beverage kiosk stand out and stand out from the crowd. And it is helpful for your brand promotion and the establishment of company image. Below are 4 common beverage stall designs that may give you more ideas.

  • beverage kioskU-style beverage counter: U-style counter booth suitable for 3-sided display. For example, near railings, next to other stalls, next to elevators, etc. You can use the front counter as a cashier and the counters on the sides as workbenches. And add frosted glass on the countertop to prevent guests from looking directly at the operating room.
  • Square beverage booth: A square or rectangular beverage stall is suitable for open booths and is one of the most common. People can see your store from all directions, and you can set up the high-traffic side as a reception area, making it easy to serve every customer. It is suitable for stalls in hallways and stalls at the intersection of aisles.
  • Round/Curved beverage table: The round or curved fruit kiosk has a unique shape and looks very attractive. And it has no sharp edges and corners to avoid children and guests being bumped. And the curved counter can increase the display area, and the space utilization rate is high.
  • Irregular drink kiosk: Irregularly shaped beverage kiosks are usually pleasing to rental locations. Such as pentagon stalls, reminder stalls, and more. No matter how complicated the shape is, our designers will plan a reasonable counter layout and design according to the floor plan.

Decorations of beverage kiosk

The decoration design of the beverage store should be simple and fashionable, and it should be fashionable and interesting. You can also incorporate your business philosophy into a beverage kiosk renovation to impress. It is very necessary to make a professional 3D design in advance. Which can show the overall effect of your beverage stall. You can also plan the layout of the counter and the location of the machine in advance to facilitate work.

  1. 3D design drawing: 3D design sees the color, material texture, lighting decoration, and so on of the beverage kiosks. Since each counter is modeled independently, you can see both inside and outside effects directly. 3D design needs about 3-5 working days
  2. Material selection: Materials include basic material and surface material. Different material combinations bring people different feelings. For example, a wooden beverage bar uses plywood to build a juice kiosk body, and the surface material is a solid wood bar, a stone top, etc. You can create a natural, healthy store environment with white and green grass.
  3. Production step: Production starts after the beverage kiosk design and material are determined. Because once it is produced, it cannot be changed. The production time is about 25-28 working days, you can see the production process of each step and the actual effect of the beverage kiosk.

How to install a beverage booth?

The installation of the Beverage booth is very simple, mainly divided into the following 3 parts. It can be done by 2 people, of course, you can ask an electrician to help you connect the electricity.

  1. Take out the counters: Since the counters need to be transported by containers, we pack each counter in a wooden box separately. And mark the counter number on the wooden box. When you receive it, you need to open the box and take out the counter
  2. Arrange counters in order: Arrange the counters in order. You can refer to the order of the counters marked on the construction drawings. Usually, the main line is at the cashier’s location. If your mall has a specified incoming line location, please let us know before production.
  3. Connect the wires: connect the male and female connectors between adjacent counters, and connect the power supply to the shopping mall.

Beverage shop promotion

There are many promotional methods in the beverage shop industry, either through buying gifts or discounts. Store owners can print membership cards to distribute to potential customers before opening. It can help you better promote your store. And also increase popularity and increase the chance of a second purchase. Considering that the store continues to be profitable. You need to start promotions, personnel management, and customer management so that the beverage store can go further and further. Here are a few of the beverage store promotions.

  • Requirements for gift promotions. Gift promotions should meet the psychological requirements of recipients of different ages. It is necessary to choose different gifts and gift occasions for different gift objects. Pay attention to the packaging of the gift. Beautiful packaging can make customers feel that the gift is more high-end. The packaging of the gift must be exquisite, beautiful, and unique.
  • Preferential promotions. A series of discounts is adopted by coffee kiosks to encourage customers to visit again and spend during the off-season. Offers and promotions include two categories: immediate offers and extended offers. The former is a discount that automatically takes effect when customers buy beverages, such as on-site prizes, on-site discounts, gifts, etc. The latter are the various discounts that consumers can use and enjoy when they buy products from a beverage store next time.
  • Complimentary gifts. After serving food and beverages to customers, you can add other small gifts. For example, fruit platters after meals, souvenirs with drink shop logos, children’s toys, menu calendars, etc. Offer holiday discounts to some special consumers on special festivals. Such as discounts for mothers on Mother’s Day, discounts for lovers on Valentine’s Day, discounts on Children’s Day, and so on.