Book kiosks become popular among people because they offer a wide variety of books for reading. These self-service kiosks or shared bookcases are a popular business idea, found in stations, malls, and even on the streets. Now is the perfect time to open a book kiosk and make a profit. Mall Kiosk provides great solutions for any type of book booth you need. The book kiosk features multiple shelves to hold various books, newspapers, and children’s books. It is suitable for libraries, bookstores, homes, and offices. Explore our website for attractive and practical book kiosks.

A book kiosk is a useful piece of furniture that stores and displays books, newspapers, magazines, and other reading materials. Merchants can add labels to the bookshelves to make it easier for customers to find the books they’re looking for. In addition, having a bookcase in a study helps to keep all the books organized and the room tidy. Choosing the right retail booth book kiosk is essential for the development of a business kiosk. Retail stores and restaurants also use bookshelves for displaying books. And adding meaningful and decorative elements. The unique design of bookshelves allows businesses to have both storage and decoration in one piece of furniture, making it visually appealing.

Popular book shelving styles

Whether for business or home use, you can choose a unique book shelving. They blend in with bookstore decor, complement your taste, and make your store stand out. Here are 6 common bookcase styles

  1. Wall book shelving: Wall book shelving is a very common and popular style. It is mainly against the wall, which can maximize the use of your storage space. Suitable for small indoor spaces.  And if your location is in an open mall, you can use it as a backdrop.
  2. Double-sided book shelving: The double-sided display bookcase is mainly placed in the middle of the store or where the shopping mall is open. Because it has open laminates. Guests can take different books from both sides. It doubled the display space.
  3. Glass book booth: The glass kiosk is designed for the open position of the shopping mall, and multiple layers are added to the cabinet. It can show books to guests and also lock to prevent theft when off work.
  4. Hanging bookcase: Hanging book shelving is mainly fixed on the wall. It appears to suspend from a distance, which saves space in the lower part and can also play a role in decorating the wall. This type of book shelving is mainly used in milk tea shops, coffee shops, restaurants, offices, etc.
  5. Freestanding Bookcases: Freestanding bookcases are suitable for almost all occasions, and you can even take them to your new home. In addition, the independent bookshelf can also be used to partition the space, similar to the role of a screen.
  6. Embedded bookcases: Embedded bookcases are also regarded as closets. It can be custom-sized according to the items that need to be stored. And the style also needs to be consistent with the overall decoration.

Decoration of book kiosk

book kioskThe bookcase is a symbol of culture and civilization, and it is also a manifestation of people’s desire for knowledge. From ancient times to the present, whether it is a home environment, commercial activities, or public places, books have their presence and location. The following are the decorative styles and sizes of solid wood bookcases.

  • Book kiosk decoration: Modern kiosk book shelving has different styles, including American, European, Korean, French, Mediterranean, and other styles. Various styles of home bookcases come in different sizes. No matter what style of book kiosk you choose, we need to take your corporate philosophy and culture into account. Choose a book booth design that matches consumer tastes and people will be able to impress your bookstore. For home bookcases, you need a combination of room size, personal style preferences, and layout settings.
  • Book shelving size: The size of the bookcase is generally 300mm in depth and 2200mm in height. The size of the bookcase includes not only the external size but also the internal size of the bookcase, the height size of the partition (the height size between the bookshelf layers), the height size of the drawer, and other local dimensions. Before customizing the book shelving you need to measure the size of the space to make sure the mall kiosk is easy to use.

How to choose a bookcase

The bookcase brings convenience to our office and a personalized desk is a symbol of fashion. The rich book flavor and stylish embellishments bring a comfortable feeling. The design of the desk is endless, and it is always dazzling.

  1. Shape: Common bookcases on the market have a glyph, L shape, and U shape. Families with a small study area are more suitable for buying a glyph bookcase. A family with a moderate area can choose an L-shaped bookcase, and a family with a larger area can choose a U-shaped bookcase.
  2. Structure: The structure of a book shelving determines its quality. Be sure to choose a sturdier book kiosk before you start your business. Books are heavier, so the requirements for book shelving are high. In particular, the middle horizontal plate has a strong bearing capacity, and the vertical support also needs to be firm, so that the whole can be firm and durable and will not fall apart.
  3. Material: The wooden book kiosk is mainly made of wood, which mainly includes solid wood, mahogany, pine, panel furniture, and so on. This bookcase mainly uses high-density board, lacquered veneer, or veneer. The 6*3 compartment layout of the internal structure, combined with the simple line design, forms a very stylish wooden bookcase. Wooden bookcases occupy most of the market in the market, but there are also big differences in the price of various wooden bookcases with different materials and fine workmanship. Glass bookcases are bookcases made of glass, wood, hardware, metal stainless steel, etc. The frame of the glass bookcase is mainly made of wood, hardware, stainless steel, etc. Only bookcase doors or baffles are made of glass. The combination of these materials makes the glass bookcase very fashionable.