Bubble tea kiosks are one of the popular beverage kiosks in the shopping mall. Bubble tea is a drink suitable for winter and summer, it has different flavors and series to satisfy almost everyone’s needs. In shopping malls, we can see all kinds of bubble tea kiosks, which gather the ideas of merchants and the inspiration of designers, which can well promote products and corporate images. If you’re ready to start a business, choosing to start your business with a mall bubble tea booth is a good idea. Whether you want summer crisp, retro, easy, or metallic, you can get the perfect design at the mall kiosk Program. Merchants can distinguish bubble tea kiosks according to the display area, work area, and publicity area according to the location, which can improve the work efficiency of employees. View the mall bubble tea shop design below.

A bubble tea kiosk is like most beverage cabinets. Merchants serve people and help them order from inside the Kiosk and place milk tea buckets, blenders, sealers, etc., on the back counter. You can reserve enough space for freezers, drink cabinets or even add seating areas. You can get more bubble tea stall design ideas from our website and use them as juice bars, coffee kiosks, and frozen yogurt kiosks to attract more guests.

Decoration of milk tea shop in the mall

The milk tea shop decoration is essential for a mall kiosk. It determines the guests’ first impression of you and people’s perception of your brand and service. Therefore, every business needs to spend time and effort on decorating style. You can choose from upgraded materials, bright color schemes, unique styling, and more. Here are some popular bubble tea counter decorations.bubble tea kiosk

  • Wooden and grass surface: The wood grain finish has been popular in recent years; whether you choose a wood panel, wood bar, or veneer, it brings people a feeling of being close to nature and can enhance the image of the store. Usually wooden will be used with white, as it is very conspicuous. Because artificial grass reminds people of green and healthy food, which is helpful to enhance the image of the store.
  • Colorful light bulbs with cup model: Bulb milk tea counters are trendy. It usually uses white as the base color with decorative light bars such as pink, blue, yellow, etc. There are also round lights on the cabinet, reminiscent of pearls. Besides, 1-2 milk tea cups or light bulbs in the corners are very vivid to display your products.
  • Back tile with the ceiling: Tiles are usually affixed to the surfaces of work areas and counters for decorative purposes. Black tiles are an excellent choice to add a sense of mystery to the store. And it can enhance the product’s added value and convey the brand concept. To obtain a unique store effect, you can choose tiles of different shapes. Such as square, honeycomb, strip, etc. Therefore, the top shopping mall display cabinets use for decoration, adding light, and even hanging the door logo.

Is the bubble tea business a good investment?

The answer is yes. Especially for creative friends, a bubble tea kiosk in the mall is an excellent choice. And opening milk tea shops in shopping malls has become a fashionable investment. Because milk tea faces an extensive customer base, young people’s love for milk tea is only increasing. The cost of the Bubble tea booth mainly includes the rental of the shopping mall booth, the trademark usage fee and the security deposit (franchising brand), the decoration cost, the equipment cost, the raw material cost, the training cost, etc. Besides, the mall’s booth fee depends on your booth size and location. Generally, the rent is higher for a good location. But the traffic is good, and you can get benefits quickly.

How do I start my bubble tea kiosk business?

  1. Market research: If you have already considered starting a tea counter, go to your place and look. It is imperative to examine the market. And it helps you to understand the market, pricing, and your peers. The decoration and pricing will be a bit higher if you are in a mid-to-high-end mall. You can also learn about your peers’ businesses. Whether there are milk tea shops near the mall, their decoration style, taste, and characteristics of their milk tea. After you are optimistic, you can find a franchisee. So that you think can join or create your milk tea brand. The most important thing is to write a plan based on your survey results to realize your business step by step.
  2. Store location: The second part is to find a sound booth for your fruit juice kiosk business. Because now the competitiveness of the food and beverage industry is quite strong. The location of the mall food kiosk determines 70% of the turnover. So the location of the juice bar counter is significant. The preferred location for Mall juice kiosks in high-traffic areas. Especially near the entrance and exit of shopping malls, elevator exits, corners, outside restaurants, and close movie halls and playgrounds, snack streets, etc., the source of tourists is sufficient.
  3. Kiosk design: kiosk decoration is essential in attracting guests to fire. The decoration style of the Bubble tea booth can create a simple, comfortable, generous, and elegant atmosphere. Which can attract more people and feel relaxed and happy. If you are affiliated, the brand will provide you with the style and layout. You need to adjust the size to suit your booth. If it is your brand, it is best to ask a professional team to help you complete the decoration, design, and production. A mall kiosk can help you do this work.
  4. Technical class: If you are a franchise store, you can go directly to the franchisee to learn the technology. If you are a self-operated store, you must find a good place for milk tea technical training to learn. Therefore, don’t think about studying it slowly, this is still difficult without someone’s guidance.
  5. Bubble tea shop equipment: Preparing raw materials equipment for the milk tea shop is the key to bringing benefits to the shop. The necessary equipment in a milk tea shop includes a milk tea console, a water boiler, a water purifier, a sealing machine, a refrigerator, an ice maker, a fructose machine, etc. These are all necessary equipment in the shop, and other equipment can be used in the later stage. To increase what you need in your store, you can prepare the raw tea material according to the menu. The menu is changed regularly, and introducing new products is beneficial to gaining more loyal customers.
  6. Prepare the ID card: Prepare all relevant documents before opening. Otherwise, they will be investigated by the relevant departments. The documents that Bubble tea shop needs to apply for are our fire certificate, business license, food safety docs, administrator examination certificate, catering service license, food license, etc.

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How do you market a bubble tea shop?

Marketing of a milk tea shop How to promote a successful milk tea shop? There is competition in the milk tea shop, so it depends on how to reverse and occupy a place in the psychology of customers.

  •  Advertising: Advertise the store during the holidays. Customers have a herd mentality. The more people there are, the more they can attract customers. When every time a store has more people queuing up, it will prove that the milk tea of ​​this store is well recognized. And meanwhile, to Increase store popularity.
  • Merchants: Merchants can promote their stores through online channels. Use the Internet’s high topicality, exposure, and repetition rate to strengthen people’s impression of your milk tea. In addition, to successfully promote and attract milk tea shops, you must learn how to study your direction from others.
  • Creates the star effect: Looking for celebrity endorsements to achieve a trend that, as an online celebrity shop, there will be a sizeable continuous passenger flow to check-in. Besides, the taste of milk tea is guaranteed, the service is rock, and the drainage and promotion of milk tea shops can be omitted.
  • Drainage: Place promotional products in crowded places, and send gifts by scanning QR codes; accessible photo printers are placed at the entrance of large business districts; QR codes are posted in cooperation with couriers; QR codes are posted on subway and bus trips. Milk tea shop, not forced.

Who owns bubble tea?

Starting a milk tea kiosk is quite different from an ice cream kiosk or cafe booth. Those who want to start a business or are unemployed, and If you have no entrepreneurial experience and no good entrepreneurial projects, you can join an existing milk tea brand. Some unemployed people have little experience. The milk tea franchise is more suitable for them; the investment is low, it does not need to spend too much effort, and relatively speaking, the requirements for entrepreneurs are relatively low. And with the help of the brand headquarters, it is also straightforward to open a milk tea shop and guide investors on how to run a milk tea shop. Therefore, unemployed people or wanting to change jobs are also very suitable for joining the milk tea shop.

Students with entrepreneurial ideas In today’s era of mass entrepreneurship, encouraging students to start businesses is something that every campus and society advocate. Students who have just graduated generally do not have much savings, the funds in their hands are minimal, and they have no entrepreneurial experience. If you choose a mall bubble tea business, one is that the investment is small, and the other is that the threshold for opening a milk tea shop is lower, and the risk is relatively small.

How Much is a Milk Tea Kiosk?

Generally speaking, the price of the bubble tea kiosk depends on the dimension and materials. However, different places that charge the Kiosk are pretty different. For example, A standard juice tea kiosk 10×12 ft is around $40,000 in the USA and Canada, But it’s around $33,000 in The Uk and Australia. If You build the same Kiosk from us, the price is only around $8,000. Why is that? The main reason is the material cost and labor costs here in China are much cheaper than in western countries.

Mall-Kiosk offers the best milk tea kiosk as we as complete bubble tea equipment. If you are starting a bubble tea kiosk business in the mall and looking for furniture and supplies, Here you are in the right place. Contact our team to get the best offer today!