Are you looking for a unique and useful burger kiosk to earn profit? No matter how society develops, food is an essential source of energy for people’s daily life. No matter when you’re ready to start a business, the food industry is a great option. Before you start a business, you need to be clear about your business scope. For example, you are going to open a burger kiosk, then you can sell sandwiches, hamburgers, cokes, coffee, milk, bread, and even fritters at the same time. People can buy rich products in your store for more profit. Besides, you can choose the right store style and decorations, your burger kiosk will help you to get more attention and guests by standing out among your peers. You can browse the popular burger kiosk and choose one as a basic design on our website.

Burger kiosks are one of the most popular food kiosks, they can not only provide people with delicious food but also help merchants to build brand image and convey the company’s business philosophy. As a mall’s burger kiosk, it has a work area, display area, sales area, and storage area. You can even add a seating area to boost your customer’s impression of the store. Merchants can also choose decorative styles and materials suitable for brand positioning to achieve better display effects. Regardless of your location, you can start your business with the right beverage kiosk at a mall kiosk.

How to start a burger kiosk in the mall

Burgers are delicious, affordable, and easy to carry. It is very suitable for office workers, workers, and students. Therefore, the business of many hamburger restaurants is very hot. It’s also a good idea to open a burger stall in the mall. If you’re just starting your business, you’ll find how to start a shop on our website

  1. fast food kioskFunding. First of all, make sure that you need to ensure that you have enough funds to open a burger shop to buy equipment, decoration, and working capital. And it is also very important to rent a good stall in the mall.
  2. Ingredients. The ingredients determine the taste of the burger, which directly affects the customer’s impression of your store. So you need to choose a good and stable food supply. This helps you control your store’s operating costs. If you are starting a burger business for the first time, you can join a brand. The brand will provide food supplies and regular staff training.
  3. Burger booth: As a workbench for serving customers, a burger kiosk is equally important. You can customize the burger stall at the bread kiosk. We will assist you from design to production, for a completed 3m by 2m food kiosk costs about $7600, including everything but no machine.
  4. Machinery and equipment. To open a burger shop, some machines are indispensable. You can prepare refrigerators, beverage machines, fryers, microwave ovens, holding cabinets, dough mixers, and other equipment according to your own business. And put them in the right place and leave enough space.
  5. Word of mouth. Building a good reputation is very important for long-term business. Good word of mouth can not only have many repeat customers but also bring huge potential customers. So, you can learn new techniques, develop new dishes, and provide heart-warming service.

Popular burger kiosk materials

With the influx of new materials into the market, the materials used to make burger kiosks are also colorful. You can add some new elements and shapes to the burger stall design. At present, the most common materials used to make showcases in the market are the following four

  • Wooden kiosk: Wooden showcase is a relatively old display cabinet material. It is also the most widely used. It can be made into various shapes to meet the unique requirements of merchants. Contains solid wood, veneer, and lamination surface decoration. You can even use MDF with a baking paint surface. Simple to use and easy to install
  • Glass kiosks: glass showcases are used to make almost all food cabinets and retail cabinets in shopping malls. It has good permeability, and customers can see the goods from a long distance. Therefore, the glass display cabinet is also used in the display area to better display the food to the guests. When necessary, you can add a glass showcase to the glass cabinet
  • Metal kiosks: With the development of technology, metal showcases are becoming more and more popular. Usually, the operating table is made of #304 stainless steel, which is anti-corrosion and moisture-proof, and durable. Merchants can choose gold, silver, and black to make the food kiosk look better. You can also make metal logos and counter metal decorations to make the cupcake kiosk look more high-end. Metal display cabinets can now be seen in many high-end shopping malls.
  • Stone kiosk: Most burger stalls use stone countertops. They are sturdy, wear-resistant, and scratch-resistant. The stone kiosk can enhance the display effect of the store and convey a high-end atmosphere. But stones are heavy and expensive, especially natural quartz stones. You can choose the right material according to your budget.

Popular burger kiosk ideas

Burgers can be found all over the city and are one of the most popular burger restaurants. The layout of the burger shop is ingenious and reasonable, and people’s dining mood will be better. Businesses need to pay attention to the practicality of the decoration, the division of the decoration area, the fire engineering, and so on.

The mirror has the effect of enhancing a stronger sense of space. Therefore, in a hamburger restaurant with a limited area, placing a mirror can have a stretching effect, and then visually have a visual sense of space expansion.

The decoration color dominates the feeling that the entire storefront brings to people. Generally speaking, the combination of yellow, orange, and red has the effect of arousing appetite. So you can choose to use these three colors as the main color, which is also the color decoration used by most fast food shops.

  The layout and design of lighting can increase the aesthetics of the burger shop. Businesses can combine a variety of illumination methods and light sources to decorate. Burger shop decoration can be divided into overall light and area light. The overall light is the light of all areas in the store, mainly to increase the sense of brightness. The area light is the light of a single key area, such as the bar, operation room, dining table, etc. The combination of cool and warm colors can better create a sense of atmosphere. View coffee kiosk design

Style of the burger kiosk

Burger kiosk styles come in many varieties, and picking the right one for your brand is the best way to promote your store. And you can use your style to attract like-minded potential guests and get good word of mouth.

Choose a humanized style to start a business. Humanization is to be people-oriented, and the counter layout is reasonable and easy to use. In terms of design, create a dining space that makes guests feel comfortable and at ease so that guests feel comfortable.

Besides, using the economical style for business is a good choice. The decoration of the hamburger shop should be done with the smallest investment and the greatest profit. For the decoration of the snack kiosk, this concept should be fully reflected, and the economy can reflect the rational design. And we also need to take into account the cost and effect of making materials.

Get an Artistic style to start the business. Art can make guests enjoy visually and psychologically. You can imagine how wonderful it is to eat in an artistic space. Therefore, when decorating the burger shop, you can also choose an artistic decoration style, which will bring a very good decoration effect.