Are you looking for a nice candle kiosk? Candles started out as a night lighting tool. Because of the invention and widespread use of electricity, very few people use candles for lighting, except during a power outage. But it can be used on various occasions to enhance the atmosphere, such as birthday parties, candlelight dinners, etc. It is also essential during religious festivals and other events. If you are about to start a candle business, choosing a creative candle kiosk is essential. By choosing a custom candle kiosk at the Mall kiosk, you can better display your products and establish a good brand image. You can choose unique shapes, eye-catching color combinations, and mood lighting to decorate the textured candle kiosk. View and choose popular candle kiosk designs on our website.

A candle kiosk is to display all kinds of candles for customers to buy. Candles become popular in restaurants to create a warm and romantic dining atmosphere. It can also use in business banquets, marriage proposals, and even weddings. No matter when you start the candle business, it’s never too late. Like most retail counters in malls, candle counters also contain candle display areas, checkout areas, and work areas. You can add brand names and promotional posters to the candle booth. Advertising and brand logo to let people better understand your product and business idea. And you can also show the advantages of your products to the public to get more potential customers. Check small kiosk ideas here

Types of Candle Display Cases:

  1. Island display case. Island-style display cabinets refer to showcases where can clients can view and pick up candles around the kiosk. Under normal circumstances, it uses in the middle of the candle shop, like an island. In most shopping malls, the island cabinets of candle display cabinets have fence glass surrounding them. So that customers can see the goods no matter where they are. Usually, there are laminate displays on both sides to facilitate the display of more items.
  2. Display Counter. The display counter looks like a workbench, and merchants can place candles on the counter for guests to choose from. Stairs displays on the countertop highlight the layering and design of the product. The bottom of the counter has a door that can be used as a storage area. You can also set up a glass shelving display on the front so that you can display more products. It’s also a good idea to stick the poster and the brand name on the counter body.
  3. Reception desk. As a retail kiosk, the reception desk is essential. Guests can get information on candles here. Due to the limited space in the mall, the service counter is usually also used as a cashier, which allows for more display areas. Reception desks come in a variety of shapes, you can choose according to your store style.

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Candle kiosk material choices

Choosing suitable materials to make a candle kiosk is very important. Make sure to highlight the shop theme and can make sure your kiosk can use longer. You can tell us the materials requirements, our design team will also help you choose suitable materials to build the candle kiosk.

  • candle kioskMDF: MDF is the main material for making the candle display cabinet, which can produce various unique shapes. MDF is usually paired with a glossy surface effect to create a bright and gorgeous store atmosphere.
  • Plywood: Plywood is used in conjunction with lamination’s craftsmanship. Their physical properties are stable and not easily deformed, enabling them to present candles to guests
  • Tempered glass: 8mm tempered glass is usually used as a glass display case. You can add light strips at the top to attract the attention of guests.
  • Stainless steel: Silver brushed stainless steel uses as a filing to protect the mall kiosk from damage. The golden stainless steel is a decoration of the mall candle showcase, adding a metallic texture to the candle shop and increasing the added value of the product.
  • Acrylic: Acrylic is often used as a brand name and as a baffle to prevent items from falling. You can also make acrylic boxes to display candle samples.

How to open a candle shop

Nowadays, people pursue individuality, and fashion and focus on improving their spiritual life. DIY candle aromatherapy allows fashionable young people to express their love through DIY candles, and the elderly and children can enjoy the fun of DIY here. If you open a DIY candle shop in the mall, you can not only relieve the tension and busyness of consumers’ lives but also get your handmade candles. What preparations do you need to do to open the shopping center kiosks?

  1. Location: Choose a good candle kiosk before starting your business. A candle kiosk with large traffic and potential customer groups is very necessary. And choose the right booth size so the business can save money and start the project well. You can also start a business with Retail Merchandising Units
  2. Decoration: The style of decoration determines the first impression of guests on you. At the same time, you need to take into account the positioning of the product and the consumption level of the target customers. This not only avoids extravagance and waste but also allows guests to feel value for money.
  3. Publicity: Publicity is an important part of all business, and customers learn about your products and brands through publicity. Therefore, the promotion must pay attention to the corresponding consumer groups. Only slogans and posters that highlight the characteristics of the store and products can attract people.
  4. Promotional activities: Promotional activities can greatly increase the exposure of your store. Planning a solution that customers will find profitable during your soft opening will help you acquire your first customers. Such as discounts, gifts, sending coupons, etc. You can be the one who proposes preferential plans based on products to increase turnover and accumulate word-of-mouth. You can also make appropriate adjustments to your business as the market changes. Learn new knowledge and be successful.