Sweet candy kiosk is one of the popular food in the mall and outdoors. Because candy gives people a good spirit and a delicious taste. Both children and adults like candy, it’s a good option to make money. Many merchants open a candy display stand at beginning of a business. It’s good to sell cotton candy, lollipops, nuts, popcorn, and snacks. The candy kiosk has multiple colors, which look lovely. Therefore, the owner can also choose a wonderful and special sweet corn kiosk design to start a business, it makes your cotton candy shop outstanding and gains more clients. So focus on the layout, decoration, and material of the candy stall. You can check the candy display below.

Similar to other mall food kiosks, the candy booth has much display showcase area and advertising space. Make sure people notice your business when passing by. It has multiple layers of open shelving with LED light, so each layer has acrylic candy boxes arranged closely. Merchants can display different types of candies separately, which is convenient for customers to buy and for staff to replenish. Besides, refrigerators and beverage machines can be placed in a suitable location to increase business. You can also add a ceiling to show the brand logo to the public, use a water sink to wash hands, and keep the candy stall clean.

Popular candy kiosk styles in the mall

No matter when you plan to open a cotton candy kiosk, you should think about which kiosk style to choose. It determines how big a place you need to lease and how much start-up capital you need to invest. Here are 3 common candy stalls sharing with you.

  1. candy kioskSweet food kiosk design: Most people begin with sweet food kiosks because it’s a standard food booth in a mall. Candy booth has a standard size such as 3m by 2m, 4m by 3m, etc. It has a display counter or shelving on 4 sides to show candy. Inside of counter is a locked cabinet for storage. So, you can arrange a cashier counter and machines in a suitable location for better usage. Besides, the owner can use different colors, materials, and even candy models to make it creative. It can also express a warm and charming feeling to consumers.
  2. Mobile candy cart: Mobile candy carts are fit for small areas or for someone who has a small budget. You can make it like a training style to increase fun or make it in another shape. It usually has a counter for both displaying candy and checking out. So, you can use wheels on both sides as decoration, and bottom wheels with push handles are used to move to other places. To increase the showcase area, you can add multiple layers to the countertop.
  3. Retail sweet candy shop: The candy shop in the mall is similar to a retail store. It has a larger space and needs all kinds of candy displays to fulfill the shop. Such as wall cabinets, round center display center, reception counter, brand imagine wall, etc.  So it’s a good idea to make a 3D design, so you can see the overall effect directly.

View more candy shop decorations now

Cotton candy shop decoration

Candy shop decoration can be used in nearly every shop. It vividly shows candies to the clients, and also makes the candy shop look unique. No matter how unique the candy shop decoration you require, you can get a dessert kiosk from Mall-Kiosk.

  • Candy tree: The Candy tree has become popular among candy retailers because of its ability to be placed in the middle of the store as a decoration. The top of the tree is decorated with large colorful candies. The owner can also place round counters around the candy tree to increase the candy display area.
  • Fiberglass candy model: Fiberglass candy models are also very popular. It is suitable for candy shops in shopping malls and outdoor stores. The fiberglass candy model can help you to build an online celebrity candy store. Therefore, you can also put them in front of your store to give customers a break or in the store as a candy corner decoration or a children’s playground.
  • Candy cane: Candy cane looks like a cane decoration with 2-3 colors, and looks very attractive. It has a metal circle surrounding it to support round acrylic bins. You can place it near the entrance or cashier counter to increase sales performance.
  • Lollipop Display: Lollipop display has a hexagon base with hexagon support fame. However, it has multiple equally spaced inclined holes to insert lollipops. Besides, it can show many lollipops with limited space. Looks like a large lollipop model with a round colorful lollipop on top.

Materials for candy kiosk

Materials are very important for sweet candy kiosks. Besides, the different materials have different production processes, creating different macaron kiosk effects. If you have material regulations, please let us know in advance.

MDF with baking paint finishes candy kiosks are very popular in the shopping mall. Candy stalls come in a variety of unique shapes, usually MDF as the base material, which is moisture-resistant, smooth, and chemically stable. Thus the surface is painted with a smooth and bright effect, creating a high-end shop atmosphere. Candy kiosks usually choose bright colors like red, pink, yellow, purple, blue, etc to look pretty.

Plywood with lamination creates a durable and upscale brand atmosphere. Plywood can also be used to make candy kiosk cabinets, it has a strong structure and a long service life. The surface material is usually lamination or veneer. In addition, we can also create a close-to-nature feel, often paired with wood-grain

Light lamp makes the candy look better and can attract consumers’ desire to buy. A Light lamp is added to light up your store at the top of each shelf. You can also use spotlights track lights, and decorative lights to get unexpected effects. It’s also a good idea to opt for adjustable lighting to add to the ambiance.

Acrylic usually builds the brand signage and creates a modern shop theme. The acrylic logo gives the candy stall more attention, whether it’s an illuminated sign or a non-illuminated sign that helps. Acrylic strips can also be used as counter decoration, choose blue with lights, or red acrylic strips to add a sense of technology and uniqueness to your candy kiosk and snack kiosk. The acrylic boxes are also a good choice for candy kiosks, as they can show candies in a good way and also a good way to store items.

Stainless steel increases a metal texture. It makes the overall candy kiosk look better. We can use stainless kicking to protect the candy booth and prolong the life of the counter. Brushed stainless steel is very popular among business people, and you can also choose the effect of mirror stainless steel.

Advantages of candy kiosk

Mall kiosks provide all kinds of unique candy kiosks for businesses. It is customized based on special requirements. You can get the perfect candy kiosk solution from us. We have an excellent design team and manufacturing team. Mall kiosk integrates design, production, sales, and transportation to create a one-stop service for customers. The excellent design team creates professional 3D design models of candy kiosks. Our company has a modern operation workshop, and all steps are completed in our factory. So a dedicated quality inspection team will control the quality to ensure that everything goes smoothly. You only need to tell us your needs and confirm the 3D design drawing. We will do the rest work for you. If it’s your first business, just send us an inquiry. You can also learn more information about candy booths.