Are you looking for a cell phone kiosk? A cell phone kiosk is a service booth that can show all kinds of cell phones so that people can experience the new function. To achieve display, glass showcases and glass counters are common and popular for mobile phone kiosks. Especially for mall booths, the glass showcase can lock, so that people won’t take it away without permission. With the development of technology, the functions of mobile phones are becoming more and more abundant. So the design of the Mall cell phone kiosk is also getting more and more unique to make it feel high-end. Blue, black and white, orange, red, bright green, etc. can help you enhance the shop image. You can also add your thoughts to make the cell phone kiosk attractive. View popular cell phone kiosk style on our website.

A cell phone kiosk is to display digital products such as mobile phones and cameras. The mobile phone display cabinet can give customers a clear understanding of the product. It can highlight the advantages of the product and capture the eyes of consumers. Thereby enhancing the consumer’s desire to buy. Most merchants will also pay attention to mobile phone-related products, such as portable phone cases, chargers, etc. when conducting mobile phone business. And provide mobile phone repair service to get more customers and turnover. A cell phone repair kiosk is also a popular business idea. Before opening a cell phone kiosk, it’s necessary to choose an excellent cell phone kiosk to start. It expresses your brand theme to the clients and is also used as a symbol of your shop.

Two styles of the mobile phone kiosk

cell phone kioskThere are all kinds of mobile phone counters in the market. It makes the cell phone kiosk looks special and unique. You can also make new counter designs and styles to fit the location size and mobile shop decoration. For many new starters, choosing a portable kiosk design is a good option.

  • Glass showcase: The glass showcase is placed on the countertop, and it can show the products to clients directly. Most of the glass showcase has a brand logo on the kiosk body and behind has a locked cabinet used as storage. another glass showcase has an aluminum groove panel or stairs display to place phone cases. You can also make the base with individual letters, You can also make the phone counter base in the shape of a single letter. Then make them into your company name or brand name. I believe it will be beautiful scenery. But usually, this kind of phone counter is used in mobile phone shops
  • Wall cabinet: Wall cabinets usually indicate the tall display showcase. It has multiple shelving at the base to display items like mobile phones, sports headphones, smart speakers, mobile phone cases, cables, and other products. The brand signage, business name, and posters can attach to the top. So the passages can notify you at the first sight. The wall cabinets set at the back wall can also use as brand image walls.

View phone shop designs and get more good ideas

Materials for the phone case showcase

There are many materials to produce mobile phone case kiosks. Different materials give phone kiosks different display effects. No matter what style of store you want to create, a Mall kiosk will help you find the right solution.

  1. MDF & Plywood: MDF and plywood view as the basic material to build the cell phone kiosk. They have different effects and are different production processes. Usually, MDF is smoother and builds a wide variety of shapes. The cell phone display made of MDF has a high-end and bright effect. And Plywood is chemically stable, has the advantage of being moisture-proof, and is not easy to deform.
  2. Glossy baking paint surface: The surface of the mobile phone counter is polished. So the finish is very high, and the mirror effect is also very good. Such a retail display kiosk is brighter in color, full of extravagance, and brings a very light visual impact. This is also one of the reasons why most businesses choose the painting process.
  3. Wooden decoration: Wooden counters are very popular in recent years. Especially for mobile phone stores, it can create a simple and high-end feeling.
  4. Tempered glass: Glass is one of the indispensable materials for mobile phone cabinets. It has a certain transparent effect, which can give people a feeling of a relatively large space. The mall kiosk is mainly made of 8mm tempered glass and adds light bar embellishment on the top. Not only highlight products but also bring a unique atmosphere to your store.
  5. Acrylic material: Acrylic is one of the materials used to make logos. It can embellish the cell phone counter, which looks crystal clear and high-end. At the same time, it can also be made into a baffle and installed in a staircase-shaped display cabinet to prevent the phone case from falling.
  6. Stainless Steel: The cell phone kiosk made of stainless steel has a metallic feel that will make your phone booth stand out.

Advantages of a cell phone booth

The mobile showcase is the primary carrier for displaying mobile phones and retail items. Phone booths must be indispensable in the mobile phone business. And the effect of the phone kiosk display determines people’s first impression of your store and also determines whether they buy it. Here are a few things you need to pay attention to:

  • (1) Highlight the product. Mobile phone showcases are used to display products, and the quality of the display determines people’s desire to buy, thereby affecting your turnover and profits. Well-organized display items are very important. Because it is convenient for customers to view and choose their favorite products, it makes customers shine and leaves a good image. Most shopping center kiosks use to highlight the products and attract clients.
  • (2) Contrast the atmosphere. Phone kiosk uses different colors and shapes to create a professional and high-tech shop atmosphere. The first thing customers see when they walk into the mall is the showcase, which determines whether people are impressed with your products and services. The lighting and unique design of the phone display booth will help you attract customers’ attention. Against the backdrop of the showcases, the products look more sophisticated, and the customers’ desire to purchase is more exciting and strong.
  • (3) Promote the brand. Promoting a product and building a brand is the most important step in business. A beautifully designed cell phone kiosk can be a great way to promote products and company business ideas. At the same time, you can also establish a positive brand image in front of the public, which will help you consolidate your brand and create a chain of cell phone stores.

Popular decoration of mobile phone kiosks

Using a unique shape mobile phone kiosk can adorn your store. This will also be a memory point for your store to impress your guests. If you want to impress people too, these ideas will help you

  1. Mobile phone model: Every brand of mobile phone has a unique shape and interface, making a mobile phone decoration is a very exciting idea. Whether you place them on top of a cell phone kiosk or in front of a counter, you can get unexpected results. Especially the addition of light strips looks like an enlarged version of the phone.
  2. Unique Styling Counter: Unique styling creates a sense of novelty for cell phone kiosks and people will remember your store well. Whether you choose the “S” shape, the “U” shape, the “L” shape, or the round cell phone kiosk, you can get the ideal model at a mall kiosk. You can also opt for a circular display stand surrounded by 4 curved counters for your business.