It’s a great idea to open a churros kiosk to make money. Churros kiosk mainly uses to make and sell churros, merchants can also provide breakfast, drinks, and snacks to gain more products. Youtiao is popular because it tastes crispy, smells good, and is affordable. Most people eat fritters with milk and soy milk because they taste good. Churros also view as fast food that people can take it away immediately. So you can use brilliant colors to decorate kiosks, like orange, red, yellow, and wooden. That makes your churros kiosk stand out and deepens the client’s memory. Because fritters are fried food, the workbench has to be far away from the consumers to avoid oil splashing. It’s necessary to purchase a unique fritter’s kiosk decoration, color, and layout. You can get good fritters kiosk design on our website.

The churros usually have display cabinets and showcase on the front, it is good to show churros bread, and fast food to clients. Service counter along with a cashier register at the side, which is convenient to check bills. While the Fry Pan and working table are set on the back counter. It’s necessary to add sinks at appropriate locations for easy use. Adding food display showcases to display food helps increase performance, clients can also purchase food immediately.

Popular churros kiosk styles

The churros booths in the market are rich and varied. Because every merchant pursues uniqueness and expects to be recognized by more customers. Innovative churro stall design and decoration can help you promote your brand concept and attract the attention of your guests. At the same time, your churro stall also stands out from its peers and becomes a memory point. Here are several popular churros kiosk styles with you.

  • Fast food kioskchurro kiosk: The style of the mall fast food restaurant is very popular, its size is about 3mx2m. You can also decorate it any way you want, and even add the shape of fritters to make your breakfast bar stand out. If the mall allows. Besides, you can add suspended ceilings, which can increase LED lighting and create a unique store atmosphere. Merchants can install the brand logos on the ceiling, so people can see them as soon as they look up. It is conducive to promoting the brand. Advertising machines, promotional posters, and menu bars are hung to guide customers to purchase products.
  • Churro carts: Fritter’s carts fit both inside and outside. Size is about 1.6m long, 0.6m deep, and about 2m in height. It has a push handle, wheels, a work table, and storage cabinets. People can push to different locations, you can also choose tricycle and bike style to sell food and drinks. This food truck is suitable for novice and low-investment merchants.
  • Food trailer: Food trailers selling churros, snacks, and drinks are also very well noted. It usually comes with an engine and steering wheel, and you can drive to a high-traffic area to start your business. Besides, the shop owner can also set it in the shopping mall so that people can find you in a fixed area. There are counters, cashiers, operation desks, and storage rooms in the carriage, you can make fritters well for sale. There are also many styles to choose from, such as bus-style trailers, snow cone trailers, truck-style trailers, and so on. Food truck supports customization. You can send us the style you like.

Materials of churros booth

The material of the Churros Booths is very important. This determines the final effect of the food store No matter whether you want a high-end store atmosphere or a modern food booth, a Mall Kiosk can meet your requirements. We have a design team to help you make the unique bao buns kiosk design and manufacture the team produced the fritter stall depends on the confirmed design

  1. Plywood with laminate: Plywood usually uses to make food cabinets, which are strong in moisture resistance and weighing capacity. The surface treatment is the laminate process. You can choose different colors to create different store atmospheres.
  2. MDF with baking paint: MDF has a smooth surface and can make various shapes. We use it to make retail kiosks and beauty salon kiosks. The bright baking varnish of the MDF counter has rich and colorful colors. It makes your shop look more high-end, and can also reflect your brand.
  3. Wood materials: willow, nanmu, walnut, white wax, and birch. The solid wood material brings people a feeling of being close to nature. The wood grain and white food kiosk create a simple and modern shop style, which is attractive and outstanding.
  4. Stone countertop: mainly granite, marble, quartz stone, and artistic stone. It uses to make worktops, which are durable, scratch resistant, and wear-resistant. Different stone grains are different, so you can choose according to your shop style. Artificial stone is one of the most common materials. You can choose different colors
  5. Metal decorations: The metal materials mainly include iron and stainless steel. The fast food booth with metal decoration has a metallic texture, making your shop look more high-end. Metal food stall is more durable, cupcake kiosk also uses metal decorations.

Steps to open a churros kiosk

Before starting a fritter kiosk business, you need to make full preparations, including funding, customer positioning, booth selection, and marketing strategies. This can help your business go further. You can follow these 4 steps.

  1. Market research: It is very necessary to investigate the market so that you can fully understand the fritters and food industry and target customer groups. This will help you run your business better. At the same time, you can also understand the prices and advantages of competitors.
  2. Rent a booth: Rent a stall in a shopping mall, of course, you can also start a business in a food court. Please take your budget into account, the bigger the store, the more the rent. And for the same size location in different shopping malls with different rents. You can negotiate with the shopping mall manager to sign a lease contract and an opening plan. Please remember to allow enough time to order the fritter kiosk.
  3. Customize churros kiosk: You can decorate the crepe kiosk according to your ideas, first of all, you need to do a 3D design. Professional design can help you make the best use of space and display your products and promote your brand well. You can choose Mall-Kiosk to assist you in designing and producing it. Your ideas and requirements can be realized. Contact us to get a good design solution.
  4. Promotion plan: Customize the sales plan suitable for your store, and adjust the promotion content according to each stage to get more new customers. At the same time, it is a good idea to sell fried dough sticks with beverages, which can save a small amount of cost for customers, and increase sales and profits for the store.