Clothing kiosks and clothing stores are seen everywhere in the shopping mall. Everyone loves beautiful clothing, and the clothing business has a huge market and is very profitable. Now is a good time to start a clothing business. A clothing kiosk is good to display and sell all kinds of clothes, hats, engraving, shoes, handbags, and boutiques to match. It includes clothing racks, garments, a T-shirt display counter, scarf kiosks, etc. Merchants can use it as a ladies’ clothing kiosk, man’s clothing kiosk, and boutique that matches. No matter which styles of clothing you sell, you can find a highly matches mall kiosk idea from us. Mall-Kiosk provides customize clothing kiosks from designing to production. You can see how your image come to reality.

A clothing kiosk is designed to showcase products and enhance advertising. It has the function of attracting consumers’ attention and better displaying clothing and so on. Designing a clothing display cabinet requires consideration of materials and visual factors. Different display stands have different display effects.

Clothing kiosk advantages

  1. Display. The clothing display rack focuses on displaying a variety of clothing and items, arousing the interest and desire of customers. You can add colors, slogans, and advertising posters to convey information to consumers. Personalized shapes and designs will bring unexpected results.
  2. Decorate. The clothing kiosk is beautiful and elegant, and it is a great addition to your store. And the use of display racks can display the characteristics of clothing in an all-round way. The public can intuitively see the charm of the product and increase the publicity effect of your store. It can also bring a good reputation to your clothing store and shoe kiosk.
  3. Illumination. Fluorescent lamps can be used on both sides of the Clothing kiosk, and spotlights can increase the lighting effect. At the same time, you can also use lightboxes to get more attention from guests. If you choose a display cabinet with laminates, then you can add light strips on each layer to light up the clothing rack. Clothing rendered by light is more attractive. Height-adjustable wall cabinets are also a favorite among merchants.

Popular clothing kiosk styles

  • clothing kioskT-shirt kiosk: A T-shirt kiosk is a popular clothing kiosk style in recent years, it usually has 2-4 different levels of steps to display, you can place different types of T-shirts and mannequins to display. Velcro panels can also be added to the cabinet to display different patterns for guests to choose from
  • Shoe Kiosk: Merchants can add shoe cabinet displays in clothing stores. When customers try on clothes, they can match shoes together to achieve a good dressing effect and promote the order. You can choose shoe displays, open shelving, and even island counters.
  • Embroidery kiosk: With cultural exchange and integration, more and more people like embroidery. It’s a good idea to add embroidered elements to your clothing store, such as cheongsam, Hanfu, fan and silk scarves, etc.
  • Hat Kiosk: People also like to match hats and clothes to highlight their personality, and bags are not just for storing belongings, but more importantly, matching clothes. If you want to get more traffic and performance, join the hat display and reserve space for a handbag. You can also incorporate the display and placement of the handbag kiosk into the clothing store design

How to decorate a clothing shop?

Every businessman wants his store to stand out. Whether you are an entrepreneur or an investor, be sure to consider the following 4 points before you start your business

  1. Material: The material of the clothing display cabinet is very important. Because it is an important medium to reflect the texture of clothing and store style. It also determines the first impression your guests have of you. Popular materials for clothing stores include MDF with glossy baking paint, Plywood with lamination, solid wooden rack, golden metal garment, etc. You can also use it to build T-shirt kiosks
  2. Accessories: Merchants can choose some items when displaying clothing. It can help you keep the footsteps of your guests, but you must consider the placement of its accessories for a better decorative effect. You can combine the space, decoration style, and lighting of the clothing store to design
  3. Counter display: Each counter in a clothing store has a separate position, and they play a different role. And you need to find the best way to display it. This makes the most of the space and allows guests to get to know and remember you the quickest. For example, the design of the showcase, the shape of the service desk, the display area, as well as the storage cabinet and image wall decoration, etc., bring different feelings to the guests.
  4. Store atmosphere: The store atmosphere and positioning of a clothing store are very important. So you must think about your target customers in advance and take into account the aesthetics of the guests. I believe that you will surely gain the recognition of many guests. It is important to create a warm, happy shopping atmosphere for your target guests. If you don’t know how to start a cloth retail kiosk, please contact us now. Our team of designers will provide you with unique designs

Types of Clothing racks

  • Cabinets: The cabinet is to place the clothes stably on the table or counter. It can not only display and store clothes in large quantities but is also suitable for the display of accessories alone. Perfect for displaying discounted t-shirts, trendy pants, hats, shoes, and more. The height of the counter is below the level, which is different from the height of the display rack, so that the cloth is organized, layered, and stable. It reflects the colors and designs of different garments well while being easy for guests to access.
  • Hanging shelves: Hanging shelves are what we can almost see in all clothing stores. Can present the color and style of clothing to consumers. The visual effect is good. Perfect for showcasing popular styles such as featured clothes. You can also use combined display racks to arrange clothing in order of color and size. Create an appealing and visually impactful display that inspires guests’ curiosity. At the same time, it can increase the number of clothing displayed and maximize the use of limited space.