Coffee kiosk is one of the popular beverage kiosks. It is suitable for making and selling coffee, coffee and other related products. Since coffee is widely popular, coffee booths are common in shopping malls, streets, office buildings, airports, subway stations, etc. Coffee stand includes working counter, storage cabinets, water sink, brand logo, etc. You can also add bar chairs and sofa if needed. Whenever you are going to open a coffee kiosk in the mall, you can choose coffee stand, mobile coffee cart, and even outdoor coffee kiosks. No matter how big your location is, you can choose the right location to start your business. Browse mall cafe kiosk below and tell us your ideas to make cafe booth attractive and high end.

With the improvement of people’s living standards, coffee food kiosk has rich colors and unique shapes. They make your food kiosk stand out and showcase both drink and food. Many people like to have coffee and a bakery for breakfast, so it is a good idea to set up a coffee cabinet with a glass display case for bread and food. You can decorate the food kiosk according to the shop theme, brand culture, and target clients’ aesthetics.

Coffee Kiosk Design

Creating a unique kiosk design is the most important thing for new starters. These small, standalone structures are designed to serve a variety of coffee beverages and snacks quickly and efficiently. Therefore, The kiosk design needs to create an inviting and engaging atmosphere for both staff and customers.

One of the key elements of coffee kiosk design is functionality. The layout of the cafe kiosk should be carefully planned to ensure that baristas have easy access to all equipment and ingredients, while also allowing for a smooth flow of customers through the space. The placement of the menu boards, cash register, and pickup counter should be strategic to minimize congestion and waiting times.

In addition to functionality, the aesthetic appeal of a coffee kiosk is also important. Many coffee booths feature sleek and modern designs that incorporate elements such as stainless steel, glass, and wood to create a contemporary look. The use of warm lighting, comfortable seating, and tasteful decor can help to create a cozy and inviting atmosphere for customers to enjoy their coffee, If you have an eye-catching outlook, you will attract more potential customers.

Furthermore, branding plays a significant role in coffee kiosk design. The coffee stand kiosk should also reflect the overall brand image of the coffee company, with logos, colors, and signage that are consistent with the brand identity. Kiosk brand design can help to create a sense of familiarity and trust with customers, as well as differentiate the kiosk from competitors.

Necessary Equipment For Coffee Kiosk

An old word saying: If a worker wants to do a good job, he must first sharpen his tools. If you want to set up a successful brand-new coffee kiosk, several essential pieces of equipment are necessary to ensure smooth operations and high-quality coffee production.

  • First and foremost, a high-quality espresso machine is a must-have for any coffee kiosk. This machine is the heart of the operation and is essential for brewing espresso shots, which form the base for many popular coffee beverages such as lattes, cappuccinos, and americanos. It is important to invest in a reliable and well-known brand to ensure consistency and efficiency in your coffee brewing process.
  • In addition to an espresso machine, a high-quality grinder is also essential for grinding fresh coffee beans to the perfect consistency for espresso shots. A good grinder will ensure that the coffee grounds are uniform in size, which is crucial for producing a balanced and flavorful espresso.
  • Another important piece of equipment for a coffee kiosk is a commercial coffee brewer. This machine is used for brewing large quantities of coffee for customers who prefer drip coffee over espresso-based beverages. It is important to choose a brewer that can handle high volumes of coffee production while maintaining consistent quality.
  • To complement the espresso and coffee brewing equipment, a well-stocked supply of steam pitchers, tampers, frothing pitchers, and other barista tools is also necessary for creating beautifully crafted coffee beverages. These tools are essential for steaming milk, creating latte art, and ensuring that each drink is prepared with precision and care.
  • Lastly, a reliable water filtration system is also important for maintaining the quality of your coffee beverages. Using filtered water will help to prevent any off-flavors or impurities from affecting the taste of your coffee, ensuring that each cup is consistently delicious.

Coffee kiosk decoration

People enjoy the taste of coffee and are attracted by the unique atmosphere of the coffee shop. Therefore, you need to pay attention to creating a comfortable atmosphere when decorating. At present, coffee shop decoration styles are divided into 3 types

Expensive rents and high investment in first-tier cities have discouraged many niche brands and entrepreneurs. In fact, in second and third-tier cities, coffee shops have a broader space for development. The target customers of the mall beverage kiosks are the mass fashion crowd. In terms of service content, the mall coffee booth not only provides a variety of delicious coffee drinks but also various flavors of snacks and desserts. Surrounded by red, brown, and milky white, the strong aroma of coffee reverberates in the air, which may be a feeling of comfort and petty kiosk

It subverts the traditional inherent mode, and the biggest feature is leisure. Therefore, if you are going to open a casual coffee stall, you need to show it to customers in terms of naming, location, decoration style, and drinks. Casual coffee kiosks generally use brighter colors and a concise style with a sense of identification.

It mainly creates a simple and elegant shop atmosphere with a different artistic conception for the coffee stall. Here, you can listen to music, read books, and watch movies. The rustic solid wood counter decoration is the main element of the coffee carts. In such a coffee shop, people enjoy a calm state of mind and simple and nostalgic feelings. Without the hustle and bustle, you can play soft music and choose warm and soft lighting.

Coffee kiosk capital reserve

Funding to open the coffee cabinet is very important, make a detailed business plan and list all possible expenses. This is good for your later business and can help you save unnecessary expenses.

  • Initial cost. It mainly refers to the pre-market development costs and related legal affairs costs, including study costs, related costs arising from market research, etc.
  • Joining fee. If you want to join a well-known brand of coffee shop, then the joining fee is often a lot of expense.
  • Rent. The rental of the Mall coffee kiosk includes the funds to be paid for the initial contract, including security deposit, intermediary fees, management fees, booth fees, etc.
  • Coffee kiosk price. Including material cost, coffee stand production cost, installation cost, design cost, and so on. You can find a professional factory to help you. Mall kiosk provides professional 3D design and coffee kiosk production and installation services. You can start your business with a perfect coffee counter at factory prices. For example, a customized 3m by 2m coffee kiosk costs about $7800 in total, depending on the final design.
  • Equipment costs. Equipment costs are all the equipment you need to start your business. Including air conditioning systems, safety fire protection systems, cooking equipment, storage equipment, processing, thermal insulation equipment, etc.
  • Advertising expenses. It includes the business card of the coffee shop, the design and production cost of the promotional leaflet before the opening, the publicity cost on the website such as group purchase and mobile phone, etc.
  • Operating and working capital. Including the daily intake of coffee beans, sugar, dairy products, syrups, and other ingredients and consumables, as well as the handling of various documents before opening, the salary of employees, training costs, and accommodation and meals.

View more designs if you plan to open a coffee kiosk outdoors

How can I make my coffee shop unique?

There are more and more cafes and competition is getting fiercer. How to run their cafes with special features has become a headache for shopkeepers. How to reflect the characteristics of the bakery kiosk in the business process can be done from the following aspects:

  1. Signboard: operating a cafe, reasonable visual height and specifications, and good visualization effect, which can make people clear at a glance.
  2. Window: The window should be attractive, inductive, and commensurate with the presentation style of the store.
  3. Entrance convenience: The storefront is open and easy to see the inside of the coffee shop, making the pedestrians feel intimacy.
  4. Storefront Amenities: Must present a good image and be visible, avoid contamination, and even take into account that people can see it from a distance.
  5. Appropriate floor configuration: The main coffee and supplementary beverages should be properly matched and the use of service forms should be paid attention to.
  6. In-store display: The configuration of service personnel, the location of the cashier, and the use of storage space must meet the needs of the business. For machine display, coffee classification, and display, it must be easy to see and touch.
  7. Customer service: The service staff’s hospitality line is smooth, and the distance is short and easy to approach. Pay attention to the grasp of the theme, the concentration of the guests’ attention, and the appropriateness of the coffee display.

The number of cafes has increased, the competition has intensified, and the operation has become more and more difficult. Positioning the target customers and operating the characteristics is the way out. Therefore, the store owner should try more in the decoration of the store, cafe products, coffee taste, etc., to determine a suitable store business model.