Cosmetic kiosks and beauty kiosks are popular among people. It’s a good place to display all kinds of cosmetics, perfumes, makeup, etc. Consumers can receive beauty services, skin care services, and purchase related products to maintain good skin conditions here. As a stylish cosmetic shop, you can choose from a high-end and attractive service counter. Your business will stand out from your peers and make a great first impression on your guests. Store image is very important for a retail mall kiosk. It not only helps you to promote your company image and convey your brand value but also allows customers to quickly understand your products and services. Merchants can choose cosmetic booths that have a glossy baking paint surface with golden metal decoration. Wooden with white lamination is also a great cosmetic booth decoration idea. You can also use the cosmetic stall as below.

The cosmetic kiosk includes display counters, storage cabinets, a working station, glass shelving, and an advertising wall. You can arrange the counters in a suitable location. That can make full use of the space and can also be better for work. The owner can also add special ideas to make the makeup kiosk look better. It’s completed in our workshop, and people can use it directly when receiving the cosmetic counters.

Category of cosmetics display cabinet

With the improvement of people’s aesthetics, the cosmetic stall in the mall has a variety of shapes and functions. As an entrepreneur, you need to choose the right counter according to your products. We learn about the categories of cosmetic kiosks.

  1. Divided by volume: Large cosmetics display cabinets and small cosmetics display cabinets. Among them, large cosmetics display cabinets are used to display various brands of cosmetics for consumers to choose from freely. A small cosmetics display cabinet is a common counter in the mall, as an RMU stand. There is only one brand of cosmetics displayed on the counter, and it is a full set of displays.
  2. Classified by material: Cosmetic counter can be divided into a metal display case, wooden display case, glass display case, baking varnish display case, etc. The metal display cabinet has the characteristics of modernity, durability, and unique temperament. The size is about 3m by 2m, which can be customized according to the location size. The materials of wooden display cabinets are green and environmentally friendly, and they are treated with durable grounding surface technology. Glass display cabinets are more versatile and permeable, mainly displaying cosmetics, makeup items, skincare products, and other products. Painted display cabinets are colorful, bright, and smooth.
  3. Wall cabinets: Cosmetic back cabinets are not only beautiful but also can quickly attract people’s attention. They also have strong storage functions and decorative effects. The lower part of the back cabinet is usually made into a locker. Sometimes the back counter also acts as the “image wall”, which is mainly used to place single-brand cosmetics, and the height just occupies the main position of the exhibition hall. At the same time, the back counter can best reflect the product grade, corporate image, and sales role. In the place with high visibility of the back counter, we can put the logo, lamp, advertising film, or poster of the enterprise. Introduce the business philosophy of the enterprise to consumers and expand the popularity of the enterprise and commodities.

Cosmetic kiosk design style

Girls wear makeup almost every day and use different makeup for different occasions. Makeup can increase girls’ self-confidence and temperament. So starting a cosmetic business now is a good choice. Whether you’re just starting a business or planning to expand your store, this popular style of cosmetic kiosk can give you some inspiration.

cosmetic kioskCosmetic booths in minimalist style are the most merchants choose. It mainly emphasizes creating a high-end atmosphere with simple shapes and counters. You can take 1-2 color combinations to highlight the uniqueness of the display cabinet. You can also add line decoration to the cabinet to highlight the sense of fluency and technology.

The retro-style perfume kiosk is particularly eye-catching in modern decoration. You can add classic decor and styling to display areas and branding walls. Incorporate your company image and product concept to create a strong visual experience for your guests.

Metal elements are popular at the moment, they look very eye-catching and can enhance the grade and taste of your store. At the same time, gold and silver stainless steel can increase the texture of the metal and increase the added value of the product to bring you more profits. Whether you use metal for cabinets or decoration, you can achieve a unique cosmetic shop effect.

Cosmetic kiosk in Mall-Kiosk

The cosmetic kiosk is not only a display of cosmetics but also an important part of product visual marketing. Therefore, good counter display, unique shape, and matching are important parts of cosmetic booth design. The following 4 points are to be paid attention to when making cosmetic kiosks.

  1. Increase turnover: You can divide the mall booth into different areas. Each area has unique functions to meet different display effects. For example, you can display popular skin care products in the window so that people can see them as soon as they enter the store. It is a good idea to set up a sample display cabinet so that guests can experience the effect of the product and buy it. Most customers like to buy skin care products and cosmetics in sets. You can quickly sell the products and reduce the inventory.
  2. Improve the item value: High-end cosmetic booth design has a sense of quality and can shape the sense of product value. At the same time, deliver the high value of products to consumers. Creating a cost-effective Cosmetic Station will help businesses to obtain more profits. Of course, you also need to consider the positioning and consumption level of the target customer group. If the decoration is too high-end, then the guests dare not enter the store to consume it. If your decoration is too low, the guests will be dismissive. So you need to spend time and energy to determine the cosmetic shop theme
  3. Stimulate purchase desire: A cosmetic kiosk is very important to arouse people’s purchase desire. Only if your mall kiosk is attractive and special enough, people will have an impulse to buy it. You can achieve it through posters, catchy slogans, or cosmetic design.
  4. Enhance the brand: The makeup counter produced by Mall Kiosk aims to display products and spread the brand culture of merchants. When guests recognize your products, services, and decorations, they will become your loyal customers and introduce more friends to you. To create a good first impression of the store, you and the designer team need to work together.

More information about mall kiosks

Material is very important to build cosmetic kiosks. Cosmetics display cabinets are usually made of high-end materials. From the appearance, it is also delicate, because skin care products are also a kind of luxury goods, and women customers are easily moved by some delicate things. Of course, the display cabinets where they are placed should be more delicate. Popular materials include MDF, Plywood, baking paint, wooden grain, artificial stone, acrylic, 8mm tempered glass, stainless steel, LED light lamps, etc.

Cost-effective price is what every businessman cares most. It is very important to choose a cost-effective cosmetics display cabinet. If you sell high-end cosmetics or want to establish your brand, you can choose high-end styling and decoration. Choosing a low display cabinet will greatly reduce the value of cosmetics, so when we choose a cosmetics display cabinet, we must also choose one with better quality. A customized mall cosmetic kiosk costs about $7600, from designing to production You can enjoy a full range of services from design to production to installation at Mall Kiosk. We will also provide safe and fast transportation. You can contact us for more information