Cotton candy kiosks provide delicious candy for people. Because everyone likes cotton candy kiosk as it has a sweet taste and is good-looking. The cotton candy business is one of the low-cost, high-return businesses. It is easy to make and has an extensive market prospect. Merchants need only a Marshmallow device and a help desk to start a business. You can gain loyal customers if you start your business in a mall or on the street. The cotton candy counter is usually colorful, which can set off the cotton candy well and attract the attention of potential customers, especially children. Choose customized cotton candy kiosk ideas below. Get more ideas to decorate and make your cotton candy stand more attractive.

Cotton candy kiosk mainly sells cotton candy, and merchants can also provide sweet candy, lollipop, nuts and bulk candy, soft candy, and hard candy to gain more business. Sweets are an irresistible temptation for many people incredibly colorful. The cotton candy jumps on the taste buds, giving you a dreamlike experience. Cotton candy is a popular entrepreneurial project. Shopkeepers can win consumers’ love with their creative cotton candy. Merchants can also integrate their brand concepts into the cotton booth design to achieve a good display effect and stand out from their peers.

Types of cotton candy kiosks

When you open a candy store, a cotton candy stall in a shopping mall, or even a street mobile cart, choosing a popular fast food kiosk is very important. You can set the cotton candy display case’s shape, color, and style and arrange all the counters reasonably to conduct business better. The following are several marshmallow display cabinets suitable for different business people.

  • cotton candy kioskCotton candy counter. Cotton candy counter is suitable for use in large shopping malls or candy stores. You can place cotton candy equipment on the counter for easy access to work. Merchants can also add cotton candy shapes on the counter to vividly display their products and services to guests. We can also set up the cash register, menu bar, and acrylic box to place candies and nuts in the right place to increase sales.
  • Cotton candy cart. A cotton candy cart is good to use in the shopping mall at a fixed location. Merchants can also use them outdoors and move them to places with high traffic to do business. The cotton candy cart size is about 1.2m, there is a cotton candy device on the countertop, and the bottom counter has storage space, so you can make cotton candy no matter where you are. We can also make it into a tricycle style, which can move quickly and save energy.
  • Cotton candy stall display. Merchants can also make cotton candy in various shapes, which are delicate in taste and color, and can be preserved for a long time. If you plan to sell candy in bulk, cotton candy display shelving is essential. You can put more items for people to purchase.

How to open a cotton candy booth

Everyone should do research and make a business plan before starting a business. It helps you to learn about competitors and market positioning. Merchants can also begin successfully according to the business plan.

  • Rent a mall space. Renting space at the shopping center is very necessary. Clients can find your booth in a fixed location and enjoy your services. So you can find a proper booth and get measurements with the plan from the mall manager.
  • Make 3D design. Create a cotton candy kiosk design according to the dessert booth side. Merchants can arrange all the counter layouts and machines and view colors combined in the design drawing. The design team can provide modification proposals and render clear photos if you have new ideas. Besides, you can also sell more food to gain more clients, including candy, nuts, dessert, chocolate, etc.
  • Produce cotton candy booth. Once confirm the final cotton candy booth design, we can arrange the production work. Produce starts after the deposit arrives. The workers will prepare materials and cut wooden panels to build the food counter. Then make surface treatment. Workers focus on the structure and process to ensure the quality and effects. We will also install it at our workshop and pack it for shipping.
  • Assemble the mall booth. Because we package each counter individually for shipping, merchants can assemble them on-site. Firstly, remove the wooden packing box to unlock the counter foam protection. Secondly, arrange all the counters in the order of the construction drawings. Thirdly, connect wires between each counter (we use male and female connectors for easy connection), and fourthly, connect with the main electrical box to the electronic equipment of the mall. You can find an electrician for this step. Finally, take the machine as planned and open for business.

Advantages of the cloud candy shop

  1. Cotton candy stores have no particular requirements on investment quota and store area. From an initial investment of 50 thousand dollars, you can rent a store in a mall and choose a custom cotton candy kiosk to start a business. Mall-Kiosk provides many options for merchants who open dessert shops, and it is more friendly for entrepreneurs to start their businesses. You can enjoy one-stop service at Mall-kiosk, from creating 3D design models to production and installation. Only spends around 7500usd, and you can get a completed 3m by 3m candy kiosk.
  2. Opening a cotton candy stand does not require cooking skills and a lot of staff. If the merchant has physical strength, he can make cotton candy. Or hire a worker to make cotton candy during peak hours. Buying commercial cotton candy equipment is a must, and you can also prepare white sugar and sugar of various colors as raw materials. It turns out that colorful and uniquely shaped marshmallows are more popular, and merchants can make them more profitable.
  3. Cotton candy and cloud candy is one of those desserts and snacks that are suitable for everyone. Everyone can afford cotton candy,  from children to adults are your potential customer groups, which provides a large consumer market for cotton candy suppliers. A cotton candy business can be a profitable business no matter when you plan to open it. Send an inquiry to order a unique cotton candy counter at the Mall-Kiosk.