Crepe kiosks and crepe stalls are popular inside and outside of shopping malls. The crepe kiosk is good to sell crepes, pancakes, waffles, burgers, and snacks. You can also sell beverages and juices to gain more clients and profit. The merchants decorate the crepe stall according to their own brand concept and strive to highlight the company’s image and leave a good impression on the guests. This helps you gain a good reputation and take your business further. Thinking more about crepe food booth design, color, layout, and material effects. Don’t ignore mall specifications, it determines your food stall opening. You can find professional manufacturers to help you design and produce crepe stands. Mall kiosks can help, check out more unique crepe kiosks on our website.

Crepe kiosk offers delicious food and drinks. As a catering booth, you can arrange a display counter, service table, storage cabinets, and brand logo in a suitable area. That is good to show food to clients, also convenient for work. Usually, the front counter uses as a reception and cashier counter. The side counter has a crepe machine and a waffle machine for work. The back area is the water sink and entrance door. However, you can decide suitable layout based on the location. Attractive decoration always comes first, it determines the first impression of your clients

Crepe kiosk decoration

  • crepe kioskColor: The crepe kiosk is suitable for orange as the main color, which gives a vibrant feeling. Red, orange and yellow are suitable for use in food restaurants and snack stores to attract people’s attention and improve work efficiency. Gray is a mix of black and white, and the use of gray tones depends on whether it is more white or black. Gray blends easily with surrounding colors, reminiscent of waffle colors. Purple is often used to create a dreamy effect, and it will be eye-catching when used to create a crepe kiosk. At the same time, you can also use purple and white, blue, wood grain, and other colors to obtain different effects, which are both mysterious and charming.
  • Lighting decoration: Lighting is very important for crepe kiosks, especially to provide lighting for poorly lit booths. For most mall food booths, LED light is mainly used for decoration. You can install spotlights on top and the floor light draws attention. And counter lighting can create a unique decorative effect and make your burger kiosk look more high-end.
  • Equipment checklist: Businesses need to consider all the equipment they will need before opening and place them in the right location. You can list equipment and dimensions such as pancake maker, waffle maker, beverage cabinet, freezer, ingredient stand, and more. This ensures that there is enough space to use when making the counter.
  • Material: Plywood is the base material. It has the characteristics of moisture resistance, high hardness, not easy to deform, wear resistance, etc. It is suitable for making food cabinets. The surface is lamination, with a smooth and bright surface. You can also enhance the food shop ambiance with solid wood strips. Artificial stone to protect the workbench. Other materials include stainless steel, acrylic, 8mm tempered glass, etc.

Make a brand logo

Think about a brand name and make a logo design. Store name and brand name are very important, it is one of the important ways for customers to know you. Whether you plan to open a high-end or small crepe booth and cake kiosk. Apart from reconsidering the location, you also need a strong name. It’s both a way for people to connect with your business and a memorable one so people will think of you first when they need it.

View mobile food booth design: Catering trailer

Advantages of a mall crepe kiosk

Crepe stands are small fast-food restaurants designed for casual places and bustling business districts. Integrating into the western business model, it is convenient to eat, buy, and walk, which conforms to the consumption concept of fashion, convenience, and trends of urbanites. Crepes are very popular in the market because operating a crepe stand in a mall is very worry-free and profitable. For start-ups, you can choose to run your own business. Of course, you can also invest in a brand. Choose a crepe franchise, diversify operations, and achieve high income for you.

Training advantages: By joining the crepe brand, you will have an independent training team. Because the brand will regularly conduct a full set of training for franchisees and their store staff to ensure the smooth development of business. At the same time, the brand will also offer a crepe kiosk design that you just need to adapt to your booth.

Product advantages: Merchants can quickly occupy the crepe market by virtue of stable supply and continuous innovation. Good taste and unique dishes in your bakery kiosk will help you stand out from your peers. And getting a stable source of customers and a loyal customer base is very important to build a brand reputation.

Brand advantage: Before starting a business, businesses need to have a deep understanding of the industry, a unique understanding, and keen insight. With the power of your brand, your business will go further. It’s also very important if you’re building your own brand, where differentiation can highlight your strengths.

Service advantages: providing good service is very important to any industry. Recognizing customers with warm service increases turnover. Actively try to solve the problems reported by the guests to better adapt to the market demand and improve the satisfaction of the guests.

How to operate a crepe shop

It is important to choose product positioning before opening your store. That will guide your waffle kiosk location and size. Merchants provide delicious and healthy food to consumers by the principles of a scientific and healthy diet. No matter what type of crepe shop your business is running, you can gain customer recognition by improving the quality of your food. In order to attract consumers’ attention, merchants can make creative combinations of the taste and form of the food. This can not only reflect the style of food but also show the service characteristics of the store.

  1. Core technology. To open a crepe shop, you must first have a person who makes cakes very delicious. This is the premise. Whether you are doing it yourself or asking a master to do it, in a word, the product is the core competitiveness. And products are made by people.
  2. Store location. The store location is very important for all businesses, as a food restaurant shop, you’d better choose a mall near office buildings and residential areas so that customers can easily find your store. If this is your first business, renting a space of about 3m by 3m is a good idea.
  3. Quality comes first. The most important thing in food is deliciousness, but quality and hygiene are also very important. Therefore, when operating a pancake kiosk, we must pay attention to leaving a good impression of cleanliness and hygiene to customers.
  4. Price. Crepes can not only fill the stomach to meet people’s daily needs. So the price should not be too expensive. And you can get along with deals that drive people to buy. You can also sell crepes to earn money at a snack kiosk
  5. Taste. Crepe can come in a variety of flavors, and merchants can offer all kinds of flavors and colorful toppings. Because customers can buy whatever flavors they want in your store, while also inspiring people’s desire to taste all flavors.

Whenever you plan to open a crepe kiosk, contact us now. We can help you build a useful and attractive food concession stand for business.