Are you looking for a cupcake kiosk in the mall? The cupcake kiosk is good to sell cupcakes bakery and bread. Merchants can also provide juice, beverages, and coffee to expand their business. Cupcake is very popular because it’s small in size, looks very cute, and taste good. You can choose a unique cupcake kiosk to highlight the shop theme. That makes your shop stand out and is good for promoting the brand. It’s a good idea to use brilliant colors to decorate the cake booth, increasing a lovely and attractive feeling. Materials include MDF, plywood, solid wood, lamination, stone, stainless steel, etc. They can create a modern and useful cupcake stall for business. Sprinkles cupcakes booths can install in the shopping mall, supermarkets, restaurants, retail food shops, and outdoors. View customize mall booths on our website.

No matter when and where you plan to open an indoor mall kiosk, you can get good retail food kiosk design on Mall-Kiosk. Our factory provides customize cake stall design, production, and delivery services. Whether you are a new starter or plan to open chain brands, we can come up with new cake kiosk design solutions for you to choose from. In a cupcake bakery business, the food shop decoration and materials are very important. Before opening, think twice about color decoration and shop effect, which determines your food store level and customer word of mouth.

Cupcake kiosk color

The decoration design of the cake shop plays a very important role in its operation of the cake shop. Customers know your business through the decoration of the shop, so please choose the decoration effect that matches your shop’s positioning and business philosophy. How to match the color of the cake shop?

  • cupcake koskCupcake kiosk style. Firstly, make a decoration color positioning according to the business philosophy. You can also consider the theme style of the macaron kiosks. Secondly, merchants can choose two to three colors as the primary color of the storefront. Black and white color elements contrast strongly, you can add decorative posters to promote business. Finally,  use a lighter color element as the primary color, such as yellow, orange, red, etc.
  • Concept concept. Different brand concepts require different color matching. Merchants combine business philosophy to determine the color matching of the cake shop. For example, the showcase uses a natural white oak surface. The ground has a PVC floor finish because it has many colors to match the food kiosk decoration. The quartz stone or artificial stone countertop enhances the store theme.
  • The overall atmosphere. The color of the cake shop and the counter must be appropriately matched to bring a pleasant and comfortable feeling to the guests. Moreover, you can use different materials to highlight the overall effect of the store. For example, you are adding glass, stainless steel, stone grain, wood grain, etc. to increase modernity and natural style.
  • Cake kiosk tones. The color of the dessert kiosk is generally the best orange or orange soft light decorated with warm colors. Traditional cake shops decorate with warm colors, which makes bakeries and cupcakes look more attractive. The warm and comfortable dining atmosphere will arouse customers’ great desire and appetite.

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Sprinkles cupcakes booth lighting

The lighting layout and decoration of the Cupcake store are essential. It not only creates an atmosphere of dining and shopping but also becomes one of the memory points of your store. I hope the following 5 points can help you

  1. Lighting layout. Light is an important material element of a bakery kiosk. Lighting is related to the taste and psychology of diners. Appropriate lighting promotes purchases, thereby increasing sales. Therefore, the lighting arrangement of the Cupcake stall is very important. Merchants should correctly handle the relationship between light and darkness, light and shadow, real and virtual, etc. You can find the help of professional designers at Mall-Kiosk. To fully mobilize the aesthetic psychology of consumers.
  2. Customer positioning. The lighting of the Bread kiosk must be adapted to the positioning of the cake shop. Different cake shops have different lighting systems. For example, most of your customers are women and children, and the light source system is mainly bright. And if your cake booth is next to the office building, the lighting system is beautiful with calmness and softness. Different countries have different moods.
  3. Deepen the memory. Choose from impressive lighting accents. Donuts kiosks can choose lights that can make people memorable and evoke people’s dining memories. If a cake shop is brightly lit and has red lanterns, people must think that it is not a cake house or a bakery. This is the hint that light plays in people’s impressions.
  4. Highlight the theme. Personalized cake shops are constantly emerging, and many themed cake shops are subverting the traditional store layout. At this time, its lighting settings are completely different from traditional habits. Based on the basic idea that lighting services serve the business positioning of cake shops, the settings of lighting systems are different in different shops.
  5. Unique types. The type of lighting should not exist in isolation, it should serve the operation of the cake shop. You can choose chandeliers, ceiling lamps, palace lamps, wall lamps, down lamps, dark lamps, etc. Different lamps and lanterns can be used systematically to show their charm.

Selling bakery kiosk material

Cake is an indispensable food for people now. Similarly, with the indispensableness of cake, the cake display cabinet has also become extremely important. Next, we will introduce several common materials for cupcake stalls.

  • MDF and Plywood: High-density MDF and thickened Plywood are used as the base material for mall food kiosks, they have a strong structure and can be used for a long time. But their surface treatments are different. MDF is usually paired with a baking varnish process, and the surface has been polished and polished at least 5 times. Which is smooth and bright, and looks very high-end. Plywood is usually matched with laminate, solid wood surface, moisture-proof, environmental protection, and not easy to deform.
  • 8mm tempered glass: Clear glass is useful for fast food kiosks and retail mall kiosks. It shows food clearly and avoids dust. Merchants can add laminates to the glass cabinet for a better display effect. Besides, you add a glass showcase to the food counter.
  • Stainless steel: All pantry cabinets are made of 304# stainless steel. Either as a counter decoration or toe kiosk is a good choice. It increases the texture of metal and can also protect the counter and prolong the service life of the counter. Merchants can choose different stainless steel colors to better display the food booth
  • Acrylic: Acrylic usually uses to make brand logos and decorations, it can be made in different shapes and sizes. Matching with lighting can bring people a different store effect. The acrylic logo includes a hollow luminous logo, a 3D backlit logo, a crystal word, and more.