Do you plan to open a dessert kiosk in the mall? Dessert kiosks mainly use to prepare all kinds of desserts for sale. It usually has bright colors to create a lovely and creative shop effect, such as pink, purple, yellow, blue, and green with white paint. Merchants can sell doughnuts, macarons, snacks, cakes, and ice cream. The food kiosk includes a glass display counter, storage cabinets, a working counter, etc. You can place posters on the counter surface to display delicious desserts to arouse customers’ desire to buy. Setting up a branding wall is also an excellent idea to help you promote your brand and dessert shop theme. You can attract more clients and gain business by purchasing a unique dessert kiosk with a kiosk layout. View beautiful dessert kiosk designs on our website.

Dessert kiosk plays a significant role in daily life, it makes us happy and provides us with energy for work. Both adults, teenagers, and children like to eat desserts. Desserts have a vast market and a considerable customer base. Business is booming as long as your desserts are delicious and good-looking, no matter when and where you plan to open a dessert shop or donuts kiosk. You can even create a brand and expand your business.

Equipment for dessert kiosk

Production equipment is essential for food stores, especially for a dessert booth. Equipment can help you make desserts quickly and improve work efficiency like refrigerators, microwave ovens, fermentation boxes, disinfection cabinets, sealing machines, pressure cookers, insulation barrels, etc. Of course, you need to buy according to the actual situation, and the machine that suits your shop size and daily needs will help your business. Dessert shop equipment has roughly divided into the following three types.

  • dessert kioskRequired Equipment: Some equipment in the sweet kiosk is essential. The machines facilitate the rapid conduct of business, for example, cash registers, monitors, etc. You can choose the most basic configuration. Other small items must be prepared, such as trays, scales, food tongs, crisper boxes, spoons, etc.
  • Production equipment: The production equipment is to make desserts. You can choose suitable machines according to the products you sell—pasta machine, oven, proofer, freezer, ice crusher, mixer, oven, etc. If the desserts in the store do not involve beverages, then the sealing machine can not purchase a machine.
  • Display equipment: Display equipment usually has glass laminates, mainly used to display food and constant temperature storage. The cake refrigerator display equipment is placed on the front of the counter for customers to purchase. Desserts taste depends on the quality of the refrigerator and the temperature setting, so be sure to choose a machine that has both function and quality.

Good outdoor food kiosk idea: Candy Trailers

How to open a dessert shop?

  1. Market positioning: The first consideration is the positioning in the market. That divides into high-end consumption or mass consumption. The consumer group directly determines the quality and the store’s business direction.
  2. Address selection: You can choose the store address according to the positioning of the consumer group. According to the main consumer groups’ intensive scope, the site concentrates on the surrounding business districts, high-end communities, and ordinary residential areas.
  3. Decoration style: After choosing the store address, the next step is to consider the decoration style. Nowadays, in addition to pursuing food, people pay more attention to the environment and atmosphere of consumption. The eye-catching decoration style is conducive to the shaping and development of enterprises and brands. And it is also an essential factor in attracting customers.
  4. Consumer experience: Most consumers prefer to buy and eat. The candy kiosk has an experience area and a drinking area, which is a perfect choice. At the same time, desserts and bread are also inseparable from matching beverages. Such as juice and coffee, so it is also important to provide guests with a complete consumption experience.
  5. Service attitude: Good shop impression determines by meticulous service, and service is the essential operation condition. The customer is God, the purpose of the service industry. The dessert kiosk store staff’s service attitude directly affects customers’ feelings. Besides, it is also essential in determining whether customers will visit again. Therefore, it regularly trains employees and improves service quality, which consumers receive well.
  6. Supplier: Choose a stable supplier. In addition to providing high-quality raw materials for products, choosing mature suppliers can offer better support services. Help you create more business value. The taste of desserts depends on the taste and production process of the ingredients. Every desert stall owner needs to grasp the components.

Materials of dessert booth

There are many choices and combinations of materials for the Dessert stall. Different materials have different craftsmanship and create unique store atmospheres. No matter what materials you require, Mall-Kiosk can help you well.

  • MDF: MDF uses as a base material, it’s to build the wooden kiosk body. Because it determines the structure of the desert booth, it has excellent physical properties and a smooth surface. MDF can make various unique shapes to attract people; thickness is 12mm, 15mm, 18mm, 25mm, etc. We will choose the appropriate thickness according to load bearing.
  • Laminate (HPL): Laminate is one of the typical decorative materials. It has a unique texture and color with wear resistance, high-temperature resistance, scratch resistance, penetration resistance, easy cleaning, moisture resistance, non-fading, delicate touch, and affordable price. They use in conjunction with Plywood for unique display effects.
  • Stone: Stone uses to make the countertop of the desert booth, which has the effect of protecting the countertop. Many businesses also use stone to decorate the counter to enhance the level of the store. You can choose an artificial stone with unique marble or quartz stone texture. Artificial stone is non-toxic, radioactive, flame retardant, non-stick oil, non-permeable, antibacterial, mildew-proof, resistant to abrasions, impact resistant, easy maintenance, seamless splicing, and various shapes.
  • Stainless Steel: Stainless steel kicks protect the counter from bangs and bumps. The dessert kiosk can choose 304 stainless steel decorations for unique cake kiosk effects. It has high-temperature resistance, strong toughness, and corrosion resistance, and it does not make it easy to rust.

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