The embroidery kiosk is the best place to display all kinds of products. With the development of culture, more and more people love embroidered clothing, handkerchiefs, silk scarves, round fans, gloves, and so on. Clothing and handicrafts with hand-embroidered craftsmanship have a vast market, and merchants can obtain a large and stable customer base with considerable profits. Whether you open an embroidery clothing store or an embroidery handicraft store, choosing the right counter in Mall-Kiosk is essential. The embroidery kiosk includes a clothing display rack, display shelving, individual counter, slat wall display with hooks, etc. We can also add a glass display showcase with led light to better show the items. Browse the embroidery kiosk below and get good design ideas.

Embroidery is an ancient art in China. Embroidery is a general term for various decorative patterns embroidered on fabrics with needles and threads. Hand embroidery uses needles to puncture silk thread or other fibers and yarns on the embroidery material in a specific way and color. It forms a patterned decorative fabric with stitches. With society’s development, embroidery has become a hobby, and hand embroidery occupies most of the embroidery market. Now the embroidery service has huge development prospects, so investing in a handmade embroidery shop will make money now and is suitable for long-term development. It is an excellent money-making project. A customized embroidery display is necessary if you are ready to start an embroidery booth in the mall or a retail embroidery store.

How to open a hand embroidery shop?

  • embroidery kioskProfit analysis. An embroidery point first needs a storefront, preferably in a place with a lot of traffic. You can buy professional spinning equipment and embroidery machines. Can improve employee work efficiency. This can save costs and obtain batches of embroidery products. Hand embroidery is advantageous; you can mark it on the sales window to attract guests’ attention. Hand embroidery is delicate in artistry and high in benefits. You only need to set up a booth at the mall to start the project. Besides, a good embroidery pillow kiosk can help you attract more potential customers.
  • Business suggestion. Note that the color and variety of the embroidery should not be too single. There should be various trees, flowers, figures, and animals in multiple forms. And the quality of the embroidery is reliable, the taste is supreme, and the good after-sale service will help you gain loyal customer fans. Once you exit the new product, they will also rush to buy it so you can get more. At the same time, when customers browse the embroidery products in this store, the marketing staff can tell customers how to maintain them and choose the embroidery products that suit them, which reflects the humanistic care atmosphere of the embroidery shop. Merchants can also carry out club activities, combining pottery and Huayi; tea art can attract more customers to consume and improve performance.

Embroidery kiosk design

  1. Shelves and counters. The embroidery T-shirt kiosk is mainly used to display various embroidery kits, including embroidered pillows, wallets, T-shirts, gloves, etc. The shelves can be placed in a suitable position in the store to allow more customers to see and select products. You can customize the appropriate counter according to the size of your shop.
  2. Lighting decoration. Lighting effects will directly affect the display of embroidery products. Therefore, every business needs to pay attention to the layout and decoration of lights. At the same time, you also need to consider the decoration of the counter, which can shape the overall store atmosphere. According to the embroidery products, place sensitive lighting in the right place to achieve a good display effect.
  3. Counter material. Usually, the embroidery kiosk counter is made of solid wood, which can show the characteristics of embroidery. The solid wood is natural and environmentally friendly, highlighting the store’s image well. Glass frames can be used on the counter to display various embroidery products. The height of the counter is about 1.2m, which is convenient for customers to choose from.
  4. Reception counter. The service desk is for retail mall kiosks and embroidery stores. The height of the counter is 850cm-110cm, according to the shop decoration. Behind the service desk can prevent your shop’s logo and promotional slogans and deepen customers’ impressions. You can also set up information desks with seating so customers can sit down and learn more about your store and services.

Unique embroidery clothing store furniture decoration

How to buy embroidery kiosk at Mall-Kiosk

Before starting a business, we should think twice about the products and target. For example, choosing a high-end custom embroidery display stand is beneficial if you build an embroidery kiosk into a specialty store. On the contrary, once your products include multiple categories, such as embroidered T-shirts/clothing, embroidered pillows, embroidered handicrafts, etc., you need to display them in different areas to facilitate customers to choose without too much confusion.

  1. Make kiosk designs. It’s necessary to make a 3D design for a customized embroidery shop. You can see an overall embroidery store effect and reasonably arrange the store’s layout. Your ideas, brand names, and counter color combinations will also be presented in the embroidery booth design. Mall-Kiosk has a professional design team to help you make unique embroidery stall designs.
  2. Check the quotation. You will surely get the factory price from the Mall-Kiosk company because it is a direct manufacturer and has a workshop. The embroidery costs depend on the counter quantity, material, and craftsmanship. If you have an embroidery booth design, send us to get a price and production.
  3. Produce embroidery display. We can move to the production step when you confirm the order. The design team and structural engineer will make a construction drawing. Merchants need to check and confirm it because construction drawings follow the approved drawings.
  4. Installation. Installation work is completed at our workshop. We will pre-install all the embroidery scarf counters and test them to ensure everything works correctly. It’s also used as guidance to help people assemble them at the mall. Whenever you have questions, please get in touch with us. Our sales team can help you and take photos during production.