The engraving kiosk uses for displays and stores various kinds of handicrafts, such as pottery, crystal, plaster ornaments, jade, and high-end gifts. With the rapid development of society, handicrafts are sought after by people, and now is a great time to start engraving kiosks. A good engraving booth has a unique shape, a solid structure, and gorgeous decoration. Engraving booth decoration helps to establish a good store image, enhance brand awareness, and increase product-added value. No matter how unique the engraving showcase and gift kiosk you need, merchants can browse the Mall-Kiosk website and choose their favorite engraving booth design.

Modern engraving kiosk at the mall

engraving kioskIt is necessary to make the engraving display suitable for the products. Before starting, you can tell us the glass kiosk sizes, ideal colors, layout, and product details. Our design team can come up with solutions for your engraving showcases.

  • Glass cabinet. Most crystal kiosks have glass cabinets with LED light strips. It brightens the products that appeal to people. We can also add multiple display shelving to show the products well. All the glass has locks so that poeple can reach it without permission.
  • Stairs counters. Stairs counters have 2-4 layers, looking like stairs. We can put engraving products in each layer. It makes the product display more layered because it is convenient for customers to see every product and detail. We can add a product logo and poster on the counter and use the back as storage.

If you want to open a diamond store, view more options here.

How to design an engraving booth

For customized mall kiosk design, we can first discuss the jewelry kiosk decoration. You can also send us the brand logo to make the design. The design team creates a 3D design drawing. The design drawing needs 300usd and can use as a deposit of the kiosk amount. Next, you can check and confirm mall kiosk designs. We can provide modifications to help you make a final decision.