Is it a good idea to open an espresso kiosk to earn money? The answer is yes. Espresso is the mainstream coffee that Europeans and Americans usually drink, especially in Italy; it is a trendy basic coffee. Especially in Italy. It’s a great option to open an espresso booth in the mall. Espresso is in every coffee shop and has become popular in recent years. Because it has an exceptionally bitter taste, a very original and strong coffee taste, and the aroma is not easy to disperse, it is worth the aftertaste. Espresso requires specific equipment to make and is made differently. So if you want to open an espresso bar in a mall, don’t forget to prepare a commercial espresso machine. Browse more espresso booth designs on our website.

Do you like to drink espresso? The espresso coffee production benefits from the espresso machine’s high-pressure extraction technology. Espresso has an epoch-making significance in the history of world coffee. Due to the emergence of espresso coffee, there are various types of espresso coffee, as well as cappuccino, mocha, and latte coffee. They are a combination of espresso and milk in different ratios! Starbucks, Costa, and Luckin Coffee all belong to espresso. No matter when you are ready to start, choosing the right espresso counter and coffee kiosk is necessary to start your business.

Espresso kiosk for sale

The espresso booth is an excellent place to sell coffee and beverages. You can also sell snacks and fast food to increase sales. That can also help you gain more clients. Before opening, merchants can rent a suitable space in the mall. The clients can find you well with a fixed booth and buy a cup of coffee. You can also choose a portable coffee stall to meet more potential consumers. Below are five popular espresso booth styles.

  1. espresso kioskEspresso bar: Espresso bar has unique shapes, such as C style, U shape, and another irregular shape. It includes a service counter, espresso machine space, brand logo, and light decoration.
  2. Coffee shop: The coffee shop is usually open on the mall’s first floor, allowing more people to sit down and have a cup of coffee in their spare time. It has warm decorations, which make people feel relaxed.
  3. Coffee stand: The coffee stands and coffee stalls are smaller mall booths for first-time starting a business or people ready to start a side business. A coffee stand is popular if you have a small investment and hope to reduce risks.
  4. Mobile coffee booth: Mobile coffee booth is popular inside and outside malls. It usually has wheels at the booth so the merchants can push it to different locations. You can make it with push handles on one side or choose a tricycle design to move faster. When you are in need, please send us an inquiry. We are ready to help you.
  5. Drive-away espresso trailer: Drive-away espresso trailers and coffee carts usually uses the outside mall. It has an engine, and people can drive in the street or move with a truck. It has a sales window, an inside working counter, light decoration, and a daily water supply. Very convenient to start a business.

Coffee shop decoration

Espresso coffee shop leads the fashion. It is a good place for couples and business people to rest and for friends to gather and chat. So, how to decorate an espresso shop?

  • Coffee shop sign. As the first appearance of the coffee shop, the decoration should be in line with the taste of the coffee shop. At the same time, pay attention to the expression of personality and the shaping of impressions, and maintain aesthetics.
  • Espresso kiosk layout.   Bubble tea kiosks and espresso kiosks are popular business ideas in the mall. The coffee shop counter design helps customers buy coffee and facilitates employees’ work. So it would be best to choose counters that match an espresso shop’s style and place them correctly. And the decoration in the coffee shop needs to be guided and iterative so that customers can feel your shop’s atmosphere and overall feeling at a glance. The configuration of service personnel, the location of the cashier, and the use of storage space must meet the needs of the business. Add eye-catching signs to guide customers to order and take meals.
  • Espresso display window. The display of coffee must be considered in the decoration design. The use of display windows helps to promote the product and brand image. At the same time, merchants can design the display of crucial coffee brands and coordinate the interior decoration and atmosphere. You can choose Mall-Kiosk professional designers to help you complete the design of the Italian coffee shop.
  • Management of coffee shop. Grasp the role of lighting design in-store decoration. Lighting and ambient lighting need to be set appropriately. It can highlight the product and create a warm and comfortable store atmosphere for customers. Merchants can use various shapes of lighting to create a mystery.

How to open an espresso kiosk?

Starting a business in a mall is very easy for well-known coffee brands. However, for entrepreneurs, many preparations need to open an espresso kiosk in a mall. Once successful, you can expand your business or even establish a franchise brand to gain more profits. Here are the steps to start an espresso kiosk.

  1. Site selection. Choosing a good location is very useful for any business. It can help you bring in customers. You can start by identifying your target customer group and brand positioning. Choose an excellent mall and stall according to your budget. Clarifying the entry requirements of merchants will help your business.
  2. Design espresso kiosk. Invite a professional design team to help you make a good espresso kiosk design. The 3D design shows the espresso kiosk’s overall effect, surface material, color, and layout. Of course, it is also essential to design a creative logo for the store. The design can combine your ideas and the opinions of the mall to help you get the opening approval quickly. The plan will reserve the size of the machine to ensure convenient use.
  3. Build espresso counters. After the Espresso kiosk design is completed, it enters the production process. It is very wise to find a manufacturer to help you produce. Because you can directly control the production process, and you can save money and quality. Mall Kiosk can do both espresso kiosk design and do work for you. All the details will take photos and videos for you. We have a quality inspection team to monitor each production process until completion.
  4. Formulate marketing strategy. Receive the espresso kiosk, place them in your booth, plug them in and get down to business. An opening marketing strategy helps you gain your first fans and customers. Once they approve of your espresso taste and service, you will gain a good reputation and more guests.