Eyebrow threading kiosks and brow bar studios are popular in the shopping mall. It’s a good place to provide eyebrow threading services, eyelash extension services, and brow cosmetics services. Merchants can also sell beauty brow products. Besides, the eyebrow threading booth includes brow bar stations, a long seating sofa, a water sink, and a menu board. Brand logos, posters, and lighting are very important for a beauty salon. You can also add a glass showcase as a sales window display. Everyone likes beautiful decoration, so it makes the eyelash extension studio outstanding and people can recognize you for the first time. Focus more on the eyebrow booth design, material, layout, and colors, I am sure you will get a wonderful shop theme. Check more eyebrow-threading kiosk designs on our website and you will get more good ideas!

The eyebrow threading technology is becoming increasingly mature, and the eyebrow studio in the shopping mall is also very popular. Different face shapes are suitable for different eyebrow shapes, and good eyebrows can make the eyes look more attractive. Especially for female friends who do not know how to draw eyebrows, eyebrow tattoos look very natural, and can always maintain good makeup. Many entrepreneurs open eyebrow booths and barber kiosks. Because the investment cost is low and the return on capital is fast. Every merchant can make their business stand out with a custom eyebrow threading station. Mall-Kiosk provides unique and upscale eyebrow threading kiosks, no matter what kind of brow bar counter you need, you can get it here.

Eyebrow counter layout

The eyebrow threading booth layout and decoration is very important. Because it’s where you serve your guests, and it’s also where you can show your brand to the crowd. No matter what size you are, you can place the counter in the right place for easy work. So merchants can also provide a massage kiosk to meet clients’ demands.

  1. Working station: The working station contains a separate counter for work. It has a mirror with LED on the wall, and desks to place necessary items. Drawers and cabinets for storage, so you can reserve leg space and display shelving products. Eyebrow-styling posters and brand logos are added to the wall for advertising.
  2. Seating sofa: The waiting area is very important for the beauty kiosk, it is usually set near the entrance. This makes it easier to receive guests. At the same time, the accompanying person can also wait for the service. Besides, the size of the Sofa is determined by your store space, and the color matches the decor. The seats are soft sponge and leather and are comfortable to sit on, with sliding doors at the bottom for added storage area.
  3. Water sink counter: A counter with a sink provides a daily water supply. So, round and square ceramic sinks are very popular. The sink is set inside the eyebrow station, which maximizes the use of space and is easy to use.
  4. Cashier counter: Most of the cashier counters are also used as reception desks. This saves space, and businesses will have more workspace. The cashier counter is located at the door or on the side facing the entrance. Moreover, behind is the brand logo wall that makes people remember you well.
  5. Display showcase counter: The display area is usually a glass showcase with multi-layer boards and cabinets. Therefore, soft lighting can better display products to guests, attracting purchases and increasing sales.

What is needed for an eyebrow tattoo studio?

  • eyebrow threading kioskExquisite craftsmanship: Technology is essential for opening a studio because eyebrow threading service can help you gain a good reputation from customers. Of course, you can also hire a highly skilled eyebrow tattoo artist to provide services
  • Sufficient start-up capital: The start-up capital required to open a brow bar booth depends on your brand positioning and booth. Besides, high-end eyebrow threading kiosks require merchants to spend time and money to create a unique store atmosphere. As a beauty salon shop, eyebrow threading tools, and products all require investment. So, poeple can also add nail manicure kiosks to bring more profit.
  • Customer source accumulation: Accumulating customers is very important for eyebrow shops. Your early customer source advertising investment, poster design, marketing activities, etc. to obtain the first batch of customers. With warm-hearted service and exquisite craftsmanship, you will gain the recognition of customers. Therefore, you will gain more loyal customers because they will introduce friends and family to you.
  • Obtaining a business license: A business license is very important, so get a business license before starting a business. What’s more, poeple can look for a company to represent them. At the same time, it has obtained business licenses and qualification certificates from government departments and health administrative departments. Moreover, get approval from the mall and get the booth smoothly, and guests can find you at a fixed location.

Eyebrow threading shop decoration

Eyebrow threading kiosks and eyebrow extension services are one of the most popular beauty services in recent years. So you need to make sure that the operating environment, store ambiance, and lighting are suitable for starting your business. A good beauty brow bar salon station can help you enhance your store and impress your guests.

  • Comfortable environment: A good atmosphere can regulate people’s emotions. You can play soothing music to make your guests feel at ease and the technician can concentrate on the brow lengthening procedure. Besides, creating a high-end environment can enhance your brand value and attract high-end consumer groups. The decor that creates the atmosphere of your store is very important.
  • Moderate light: The light of the beauty salon shop and eyebrow threading kiosk is very important. Not only is it used for lighting, but it can also be used as a decoration to make your store and cosmetic kiosk stand out. Adjustable LED light strips, sliding track spotlights, pendant lights, bubble lights, low panel lights, etc. are all good choices
  • Materials: The combination of materials is very important for the eyebrow threading booth. The most common pairing is MDF with glossy baking paint. It brings a bright and smooth textured texture to the store and elevates your store level. Plywood with a wooden lamination surface is also very popular because it gives a simple and high-end atmosphere. So the solid wood bar adds a sense of design. The stainless steel eyebrow threading kiosk is also very popular. And the sheen of metal can draw people’s attention to your business in the first place. 8mm tempered glass, lightbox panting.