We can find flower kiosks everywhere in the shopping mall and street. Many people buy flowers to express their love and gratitude. The flower kiosk is a service booth to display and sell green plants, bouquets, dried flowers, flower seeds, and more. You can even display handmade flowers and other crafts to attract more guests. Flower shops usually require more display areas to place different flowers and trees for guests to choose from. It is a good idea to select a stepped display case, which allows consumers to view all flowers. Merchants can customize the flower stall to fit the shop theme and high-level flowers. You can choose both beautiful and functional flower counters on our website.

Mall-Kiosk provides both flower kiosk design and production services, aiming to help every shop owner to get what they want. We have an excellent design team to create retail kiosk models. Workers produce the flower stall according to the confirmed 3D design. No matter how unique the kiosk idea is, we can help you make it more practical. For example, you can use a glass display cabinet to show products and make it an RMU stand in the mall.

The prospect of the flower shop

Flower consumption has been increasing in recent years. In addition to the beautiful appearance of the flowers, they are pleasing to the eyes and beautify the home environment. It can also develop people’s imagination, making people more subtle and tasteful in communicating with each other. In recent years, more and more flower shops have focused on high-end customization. This flower shop’s decoration and display must be carefully selected to create a high-end brand and remind people of a high-quality lifestyle. The retail booth location is mainly high-end shopping malls close to high-end office buildings. The most memorable thing is that the store will use a novel concept for packaging the bouquets, giving the praises a story and a feeling to gain more customers.

Flower kiosk styles:

The flower kiosk has multiple counter styles, including display shelving, retail counter, double-side cabinets, glass showcase, etc. You can purchase suitable kiosk designs that fit your space and shop theme.

  1. Flower KioskDisplay shelving: Glass shelving is installed near the rental line of the mall or lined up against the wall in the flower shop. It usually comes with many layers, and each layer can hold various flowers and trees. You can opt for height-adjustable shelf racks that adjust according to florist products.
  2. Retail counter: The height of the mall counter is 750-900mm, and guests can see the displayed plants. You can set different levels of counter tables to increase the sense of hierarchy. You can place it at the entrance of the florist for your convenience.
  3. Double-side cabinets: Double-sided cabinets are one of the most common styles in retail stores. Flowers place on both sides, and can add light strips to each layer. You can also add storage at the bottom.
  4. Glass showcase: Glass kiosks are also one of the most common counters, increasing the light transmittance and showing the flowers’ state well. At the same time, avoid excessive water loss. Of course, a glass showcase is a good choice for displaying artistic flowers and handicrafts.

Materials of flower booth

  • MDF with baking paint: The flower booth made of MDF is bright, colorful, versatile, and durable. It is harmonious with the natural ecological environment, practical, and beautifies the environment.
  • Solid wood flower stand: The solid wood flower stand is made of purely natural wood, with natural wood grain effect, creating a simple and high-end store atmosphere and better setting off the flowers.
  • Iron flower stand: Light and easy to make, with metal texture, bringing a unique artistic atmosphere to the flower shop. The wrought iron flower stand is suitable for displaying selected climbing plants, waterproof, moisture-proof, and corrosion-resistant species.

More options: Retail shop display shelving

Decoration of flower kiosk

The arrangement of the flower shop is essential. Exquisite decoration can attract consumers to visit the flower shop, and customers will also recognize the ingenious layout of your shop. So choosing a unique mall kiosk design is very helpful.

  1. Color matching: The colors of flowers are already colorful. Therefore, the white color selected for the flower stall gives people a clean and refreshing feeling. Against the background of the white counter, the flowers and trees of various colors appear more and more vivid. The staggered barrel-shaped flower table gives each bouquet an independent and pure background, which is more suitable for showing the beauty of flowers. Coupled with a slightly traditional placement method, customers feel that there are more than the actual number of bouquets.
  2. Adjustment of light: The flower shop recommends choosing a downlight with a softer brightness, which not only solves the lighting problem but is not too dazzling but also is good for customers to choose the contrasting colors of flowers
  3. Sound guidance: music, water sound, wind chimes, etc. Pure music and natural sound make the sound pleasant and enhance the guest’s goodwill.

Why open flower shops?

With the continuous expansion and upgrading of the flower consumer market, many flower shops are also colorful. So, is there a future in going to a flower shop now? The answer is yes. You can also use it as a gift kiosk to expand your business

  • General trend: The flower market is generally on the rise, and the national flower consumption is increasing at an average annual rate of more than 10%. Flower consumption has gradually shifted from male-dominated festivals to female-dominated daily and family consumption, and “monthly flowers” is slowly becoming a fashion.
  • Customers: More and more people are willing to pay for flowers. Because the original intention of customers to buy flowers is changing work needs, interior decoration, and holiday flower delivery, personal preferences have become the main reasons for flower consumption. Among them, the consumption of home landscaping and personal preferences increased the most rapidly. And holiday flowers are not only limited to lovers but have gradually become a fashionable greeting. Therefore, timely product structure adjustment according to customers’ needs to ensure the flower shop’s freshness is the way to progress.
  • Service: Improve customer service and increase the added value of flowers. Price is no longer the most critical factor, especially for cut flowers. The convenience of buying flowers, design, preservation, and service affect consumers’ purchasing decisions.