Are you looking for frozen yogurt kiosk use in the mall? The frozen yogurt kiosk is very popular because it is good for making fried yogurt, Fried yogurt, ice cream rolls, smoothies, milkshakes, chimney ice cream, etc. People can view and buy frozen yogurt in fixed locations. It’s also an excellent way to promote the brand theme and company culture. The frozen yogurt kiosk includes a working area, a display showcase area, storage cabinets, and an advertising area as a retail food store in the mall. Frozen yogurt is trendy because of its good taste and incredible feeling. Merchants use brilliant colors to create a lovely, creative, frigid yogurt shop atmosphere. Choosing materials determines the ice cream kiosk quality and surface effects. Please check more frozen yogurt booth designs on our website.

Frozen yogurt is one of the excellent choices in summer. Yogurt is beneficial for the body as it promotes sleep quality and enhances the overall quality of life. With the gradual expansion of the yogurt market, people usually eat yogurt as a dessert after meals. So now is the best time to open a yogurt shop. Merchants can choose a unique yogurt shop decoration style and even create an online celebrity shop to create a prosperous business atmosphere and attract customers to buy. You can see the layout and decoration of the entire store and increase the space utilization rate.

Frozen yogurt kiosk decoration

The decoration style’s quality has the ability to attract potential customers who share similar interests. You can decorate the store according to the positioning and brand concept of the ice cream kiosk. Generally speaking, the higher the level of your store decoration, the more you can highlight the value of your products and help you gain more profits. You can start with the following four aspects.

  1. frozen yogurt kioskColor: The central color combination is green and white. The variety of these two colors is fresh and natural, looks beautiful, and creates a fantastic atmosphere. You can also choose bright colors such as pink and red to highlight the white of the yogurt. It gives a vibrant feel, very charming. You are adding other decorations to increase the fun, such as blue, purple, etc.
  2. Style: Choose the fresh, delicate type and good overall smoothie kiosk effect. You can add posters and stickers to the cabinet to inform people about your brand and business philosophy. The style of the shop theme is impressive. Find a professional designer team from Mall-kiosk to help you complete the store design. We have a professional design team to create 3D designs for every client.
  3. Signboard: Whether a retail food shop or mall frozen yogurt kiosk, the signboard needs to be eye-catching, and it is best to make people shine! Company and product introductions, promotional pictures, and yogurt menus are hung on the top and back walls to attract customer’s attention and increase customer viscosity.
  4. Layout: The frozen yogurt kiosk layout is essential. Divide service and workbench areas and place machines in logical locations to improve employee productivity. And the reasonable structure makes the store look neat and leaves a good impression on the consumers.

Frozen yogurt kiosk counter

Frozen yogurt has various counters, and you can choose the cabinets that suit your business. Such as a working counter, display stand, double-sided display, multi-functional shelf, etc. You can also add seating areas for guests to rest. Below are the most common sweet kiosk counters.

  • Cashier: The cashier is usually set at the front of the counter and works together with the service desk. Guests can order and pay. Brand names and menus are on the front of the cashier for clients to reference.
  • Ingredient table: The ingredient table is next to the ice frying machine, and there are many serving trays on the counter for placing food ingredients of various flavors. A glass cover on top keeps elements visible.
  • Workbench: The workbench is usually placed at the back to facilitate employees to work, and the required equipment is also placed on the back counter to prevent guests from touching the equipment. It can also ensure that guests do not directly see the operating room.
  • Storage cabinets. Lock cabinets are under the countertops where businesses can store food and beverages for sale that day. The cabinet has adjustable shelves to facilitate sorting and placing items and entirely usable space.

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Running yogurt shop

The yogurt industry is also attractive to entrepreneurs. Learn the skills of running a frozen yogurt kiosk shop correctly, and the merchant will get good business. So how do entrepreneurs run a beverage kiosk? It is related to menu settings, personnel management, etc. The following 3 points can give you some ideas!

  1. Menu content formulation. Menu content has an important relationship with kitchen production and customer choice. You can’t let customers hold the menu without knowing which product to choose, and you can’t let the kitchen look at the menu and wonder how to prepare the ingredients. A good set of menus can directly reflect a frozen yogurt kiosk shop’s grade and operation level. The efficiency of the production and operation of the entire kitchen can also be affected by it.
  2. Staff structure. Setting up the personnel structure is very important for frozen yogurt stores. How to run a yogurt shop? Many yogurt and cake kiosks will feel that the expenditure on staff salaries is too large, but high wages have failed to improve work efficiency. Regarding personnel structure settings, there are significant loopholes in management and scheduling due to unreasonable settings, and no staff can do their best. Therefore, subdivide the function of each link, formulate a complete assessment system, and improve the yogurt booth—staff’s motivation and responsibility.
  3. Concept management. Concept management includes two types: first of all, the concept of the signboard. The signboard lets customers know the business category of the yogurt store, let them know the store’s product category at a glance, and clarifies the consumption concept of its brand. Secondly, the idea of promotion allows customers to intuitively understand the information about promotional products, prices, discounts, benefits, etc.