Are you looking for a glass kiosk to earn money? Glass kiosk provides a better display effect for products, and customers can see them from any direction. Glass cabinet widely uses in company showrooms, exhibitions, department stores, brand promotion, sample halls, etc. And it is good to show crafts, gifts, jewelry, mobile phones, glasses, clocks, tobacco, alcohol, cosmetics, and other industries. Merchants can customize the size and shape of the glass kiosk counter to meet the display requirements. Adding light strips to the glass laminate will achieve a good product display effect and improve the store’s grade. You can get a unique style at Mall Kiosk whenever you need a glass kiosk. View the glass kiosk design below.

Mall kiosk is the leading manufacturer of customized glass kiosks. We provide unique glass kiosks for everyone. Even if you have extraordinary ideas, we can make them come true. We have a professional design team that creates 3D models of each glass counter. Designers and architects will work together to make the glass kiosk reasonable and convenient. Our company has a workshop, and all the production, installation, and testing work are complete at our factory. If it’s your first business, you can send an inquiry. Our sales team will help you choose suitable glass case designs. Merchants can also send us a design drawing. Then workers can produce it accordingly.

Famous glass display cabinet structure

  • glass kioskSingle-sided glass showcase. Glass showcase usually uses in large shopping malls. One side of the display case is fitted with clear glass. Customers are not disturbed by the environment when viewing the products, which is very beneficial for conveying product information. Merchants can also set up lighting changes and multi-layer laminated glass displays to achieve ideal effects. It is suitable for displaying large items or product sets, and the overall look is comfortable.
  • Double-sided glass cabinet. The double-sided glass display case is suitable for window display. Glass display case with front display and glass doors for easy changing of displayed items. Specialty stores often use these counters, such as pharmacy kiosks, bookstores, jewelry stores, etc.
  • Transparent glass displays. All four sides are equipped with transparent glass, which is fully transparent, and many of them are located near the entrance and exit of large shopping malls. When setting up this kind of island display cabinet, the flow of customers in the store should be considered to ensure the passage’s smooth passage. Besides, you can display best-selling products to stimulate customers’ desire to buy. The four-sided glass display cabinet can activate the shopping environment and create a comfortable store atmosphere.
  • Open glass shelves. The display of goods is mainly on a glass surface, which is convenient for customers to watch. Merchants can add or pick up products on the open side. It is usually used in fashion stores, furniture sofas, home appliances, and other stores. Many such display cabinets have sufficient light and good vision. It helps to shape an excellent corporate image and expand the effect of publicity.

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Glass kiosk materials

Glass kiosk is usually used with a wooden paint finish or wrought iron metal frame for a better display effect. Because glass kiosk applies to almost the entire retail industry. With the progress of the times, more and more merchants choose glass kiosks to enhance the store image. You can select suitable glass showcase materials for business.

  1. Tempered glass. Tempered glass is one of the common materials for making mall kiosks. After high-temperature tempering and other processes, tempered glass is not easy to break. It is suitable for making cosmetic display cabinets, glass display cabinets, watch display cabinets, cellphone display cabinets, and other retail display cabinets.
  2. Hot bent glass. Hot bending glass is a curved glass made by heating and softening glass, forming it in a mold, and then annealing. It meets high-quality requirements with beautiful style and smooth lines and can be bent to any arc. Suitable for jewelry kiosks, cosmetic display cabinets, food cabinets, etc.
  3. Frosted glass. The surface of frosted glass is rough after mechanical sandblasting, manual grinding, or chemical dissolution. Frosted glass is transparent and opaque. That is suitable for conference rooms that require confidentiality, pantry work areas, eyebrow threading kiosks, etc.
  4. Ultra clear glass. Ultra-clear glass is generally colorless or light blue. With high light transmittance and can better display products to customers. It is usually used to make retail items such as jewelry showcases, watch showcases, and sunglasses kiosks.
  5. Sandblasted glass. Sandblasted glass supports spraying text, patterns, and logos on the back of the glass. Features are partly transparent and partly sandblasted. It can make your brand and drink kiosk more exciting and good for publicity.
  6. Laminated glass. Laminated glass generally consists of two sheets with an organic bonded layer between the mirrors. Laminated glass is very safe to use. Suitable to use at the museum, etc.

How to get a customize glass kiosk?

The glass kiosk uses to show all kinds of retail products for sale. So merchants can get an excellent glass booth that fits business well. It’s necessary to start with a 3D design because we can view the final effect in advance.

  • Make 3D design. The business person should consider the brand theme for a customized glass booth and tell us the requirements. For confirmation, the designer will make a 3D MAX design that fits the location size. If you have new ideas, we can also add them to the kiosk design soon.
  • Produce glass kiosk. As the design is confirmed, we can move to produce step. The final design determines the price and structure. Workers follow the construction drawing at every stage and install it at our workshop.
  • Packing and Shipping. Due to long-distance delivery, workers will pack each glass cabinet well. We will use the sponge to cover the glass display case inside and use shockproof cotton to make corner protection. The outer packaging uses a wooden panel with marks. And the foam sets between the inner and outer packaging to fill the gap to avoid shaking. If you have any questions, send us an inquiry soon.