Ice cream kiosk is a very popular pantry in shopping malls in recent years. Many people use ice cream kiosks as their first project or even as a side business because it requires a small investment and can be very profitable. Merchants can start a variety of businesses to win the favor of customers, such as refrigerated desserts, Italian ice cream, fried yogurt, rolled ice cream, milkshakes, shaved ice, and other products. Mall food kiosks can well promote products and establish a brand image. At the same time, the cream shop is also a place to provide warm-hearted services to customers. So you need to spend time looking for a perfect ice cream kiosk design. Customize ice cream stall for business if necessary. View ice cream stall choices below.

The ice cream stall contains a work table, cash register, locker, brand image wall, poster display, menu board, and more. We can even add seating areas depending on the rental location for guests to use and rest. You can tell us your decoration requirements, we will design and layout the ice cream booth according to your idea. You can also enjoy one-stop service from design, fabrication, and pre-installation to shipping

Ice cream kiosk design elements

The professional 3D design is very important for an ice cream kiosk. You can see all the kiosk details in advance, reasonable layout, decoration style, and more. You can even adjust the frozen yogurt kiosk color, the placement of the counter, etc to get the ideal ice cream stall design. The following points are to be noted before designing.

  • ice cream kioskIce cream shop theme: Choosing a cream shop theme is a must before opening. You can take into account your customer positioning, product positioning, and company business philosophy to decide. It is usually better to create a comfortable, soft, and cool store atmosphere. Determine the shop theme, we can decorate around the theme
  • Color choices: The color of the ice cream stall determines the first impression your guests have of you. Because people usually eat ice cream or as dessert in the hot summer. The bright colors like blue, pink, green, and wood grain with white are a good idea. Of course, we also need to consider the color of the brand name and logo to keep the colors consistent and highlight the theme.
  • Layout: The layout of the counter determines productivity, as the staff always have the food and ingredients they need within reach. You can place the device according to your usage habits, and place the topping counter next to it for easy access.
  • Material: The bubble tea kiosk material determines the effect and structure of the store. If you are committed to getting a high-end and durable ice cream cart, it is necessary to choose upgraded materials. Such as high hardness plywood, lamination, solid wood decoration, ceramic tile, stone countertop, 304 # stainless steel kicking, LED lights, Ultra clear glass, etc.

How long to get a mall kiosk?

Timeline is nearly every merchant’s worry. If you have an appointment with the mall, please come and let us know. Usually, we recommend setting aside 3 months for the opening to make sure everything is ready. The times are as follows

  1. Design time: 3D design needs about 5-7 work days to complete. It includes 3D design photos and technical drawings. You need to allow 1-2 weeks to adjust the design for final confirmation. If you need to submit design drawings to the store for approval, it is recommended to allow more time.
  2. Produce time: For a 3m*2m mall food kiosk, it takes 25-28 working days to produce. If the size is increased, the shape and process are complicated, and the production time will be extended accordingly.
  3. Shipping time: It takes 22-26 days after the ship arrives at the port, subject to the voyage announced by the shipping company. Different countries and flight times vary.

How to install an ice cream counter?

Installation is very easy, most merchants can complete it with 2 people. Because all the counters are complete in our workshop. Here are 3 steps for you to follow.

  1. Counter placement: First, take the counter out of the wooden packing box. Then, put counters in the correct order following the number of the construction drawing.
  2. Wires connection: Connect the male and female connectors at the bottom of the counter. Make each counter close. And connect the main wire of the Ice cream kiosk to the mall power supply line.
  3. Sneeze board installation: If your counter has countertop glass, just place the glass holder in the reserved position and prevent the glass. Please ignore if there is no glass countertop.

You can clean the counter again in case there is dust during installation. Put all the machines and food into the kiosk, and you can start the business immediately.

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Popular ice cream kiosk idea

Kiosk with modeling: If you have a visible ice cream model on your cabinet, I believe people can immediately think of your ice cream. More and more merchants are now linking products and kiosk designs for unique effects. For example, coffee cup modeling for coffee kiosks, bubble tea cups for bubble tea kiosks, etc.

  • Adjustable LED light: Lighting can adjust the atmosphere in your store, you can attract guests by changing the color of the light regularly. All you need to do is add dimmable light strips for counter or floor lighting. Of course, the choice of lighting can match the style of your store. For example, if your style is modern, then you can choose simple and high-end chandeliers. If your ice cream shop creates a retro vibe, go for retro lamps or street lamps.
  • Round shape kiosk: The round and curved ice cream stall is becoming more and more popular as it avoids sharp edges and corners. In this way, customers are not easy to knock on. We can even make an ice cream booth with a unique shape and layout according to your store location. Your ideas can also be incorporated into the design
  • Advertising and logo space: Your brand logo is the medium that customers use to differentiate you from your peers. It can help them remember your service and get good word of mouth. And posters and other advertisements convey your products and new products to consumers to attract purchases. So put them in the right place on the counter for publicity. At the same time, we also need to reserve enough space for the machine.

Customize ice cream stall

Don’t know which kiosk fits your business? Just send us an inquiry. We have an excellent design and production team to give you better ideas. Our sales team also provides you with warm services. Whether you are ready to start an ice cream cart or cream shop, you can find suitable design solutions at Mall-kiosk. We design and produce unique ice cream kiosks for sale for tens of thousands of entrepreneurs, chain brands, and international brands. If you have a space ready to start your business, please contact us now.