Upscale jewelry kiosk plays a significant role in the jewelry and boutique industry. A jewelry kiosk is mainly used to display jewelry, watches, and other products. It has a variety of shapes and styles to meet the display and display models of jewelry, such as bracelets, necklaces, earrings, etc. Merchants can choose a single jewelry stand, a multi-layer glass showcase. What’s more, a metal display to create different store atmospheres. It is essential to select a jewelry showcase that suits your brand image. So people can better understand your product and positioning, and you can also gain loyal customers and build a good reputation. No matter when you plan to start your business, Mall-Kiosk can provide you with a unique jewelry kiosk. The jewelry kiosk design reflects your logo, label, and favorite color. Please browse our website for more unique designs.

Jewelry display cabinets are containers used to display jewelry. It mainly operates in shopping malls, jewelry shops, watch retail shops, boutiques, and museums. Jewelry retail kiosks can be made of glass, metal, wood, and other materials. Mall jewelry booth has a beautiful appearance, firm structure, and convenient use. Besides, the jewelry booth uses in company showrooms, exhibitions, department stores, shopping malls, and events.

Advantages of a jewelry kiosk

Jewelry cabinets are essential for businesses. Whether you plan to open a jewelry store or a jewelry counter in a mall, you can use a jewelry counter. Here are three advantages of adopting a jewelry kiosk.

  1. Enhance brand awareness. Set up chain brand jewelry showcases in large terminals in the city. Merchants meet consumers with a unified image, price, and policy, giving consumers a complete brand concept. If a jewelry showcase group is established, it will further demonstrate the strength and charm of the brand. Besides, setting up jewelry showcases in many large shopping malls in the same city can significantly enhance your product and company image.
  2. Show features. Setting up a jewelry stall in the mall’s center is helpful for product display and brand promotion. Watch kiosks use many glass displays. Unevenness can convey the value of the product to the customer, and it can also prevent the theft of jewelry. So that the shop owner can add tapes and plies to each level to display more products.
  3. Increase sales. Mall retail jewelry stall is the most common stall to display and sell jewelry. A beautiful jewelry showcase can boost sales. At the same time, it will also add value to the product to attract customers to buy in the store. Regardless of the size of your store, choosing a custom jewelry kiosk at Mall-Kiosk is a great idea.

Jewelry Display Cabinet Material:

The high-end materials in the Jewelry showcase can create a warm and professional shop effect. The jewelry mall stall counter has various shapes arbitrarily. Merchants can also use different color combinations to obtain better decorative outcomes. You can also make 3D designs to highlight the overall decoration of the jewelry shop design.

  • Jewelry kioskPrimary material: MDF, Plywood. We will choose the appropriate material for production according to your requirements. Besides, proper surface treatment is adopted to make the store look more high-end and attract the attention of target customers. For example, high-glossy baking paint is one of the most popular surface treatments. Moreover, solid wood, veneer, and lamination are commonly used materials for jewelry kiosks.
  • Lighting options: LED lights, Ray’s lights, ordinary bracket lights, halogen lights, cold light source lights, and warm color lights. (Note: In the process of making jewelry display cabinets, Mall-Kiosk often uses complex light sources because warm color lights will make the space hot and affect the user experience)
  • 8mm tempered glass: Jewelry shop counter has multiple glass kiosks. It mainly uses to display products on the counter, and you can also make glass shelving to show more products. Jewelry glass case has good light transmittance and can offer products to guests in the best way. Besides, you can create curved, square, or single displays for more combinations.
  • Kicking: The toe kiosk of the jewelry booth usually has a stainless steel surface. It increases the luster of the jewelry shop counter metal, protects the showcase, and prolongs its service life. So you can also enhance the aesthetics of the counter with metal trim.

Jewelry kiosk design style

With the rapid development of the jewelry industry, chain jewelry brands will uniformly decorate and shape the corporate and brand image. The styles of jewelry showcases are the same, but to meet the market’s needs, the brand side upgrades the brand image.

  • Natural and straightforward style. The simple and natural design of the jewelry counter makes people feel the beauty and freshness of nature. Walking through it, the fatigue of running around and the troubles of work are gradually washed away, and it is incredibly comfortable.
  • Elegant and luxurious style. Elegant and luxurious jewelry cabinets support the atmosphere and magnanimity, enhancing the quality and charm of your products. Therefore, the sleek style makes your store fixture stand out from competitors and impress.
  • Sleek and classic style. The stylish and classic jewelry kiosk is time-honored and will help you catch the eye of your potential guests. With the continuous emergence of various counters in the market. From traditional wooden jewelry showcases to high-end stainless steel jewelry showcases, to meet the needs of different guests.

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Jewelry Shop Design Ideas

  1. Decoration. The first important is the decoration of the jewelry shop fixture. It has to be unconventional and lead the trend, and you will gain more attention.
  2. Lighting and color. Lighting is a critical link in the design of a jewelry display cabinet especially a jewelry display cabinet. Good lighting design can well reflect the product and create a sales environment. Besides, a good color design can make the jewelry display cabinet more layered and more coordinated;
  3. Prop design. The prop design in the jewelry display cabinet should be people-oriented, coordinated, and unified. Besides, it will highlight items while adding visual impact and make it become the focal point.
  4. Spatial layout. The layout of the jewelry display cabinet is a bit different from other commercial spaces. So it is a space integrating exhibition and sales. Therefore, we must create a reasonable, smooth, guiding, and convenient space layout.
  5. Open customer rest area. Setting up an opening space for customers to rest is a good idea. People will feel valued and welcome. This can significantly deepen the customer’s impression of you. And improve service quality and gain an excellent reputation to make your business go further.
  6. Meet clients’ demands. To make the display cabinet meet the hearts of the guests. The ultimate purpose of our design is to attract guests and appreciate our work.

About Mall kiosk

Mall kiosk specializes in Mall jewelry kiosk and jewelry shop furniture design,s production, and installation services. Our factory is famous for its professional design and production quality. We have a keen vision because of many years of design and construction experience. The designer and sales team actively help customers obtain unique designs and actively guide customers to find jewelry counters belonging to their brands. Mall-Kiosk provides a noble and elegant jewelry showcase with a unique design and excellent artistry. It is the best display furniture for exhibitions, shopping malls, and specialty stores. It can be designed and produced according to the unique needs of merchants and the size of the floor, and strive for to everyone can get the desired store effect. If you are ready to start, contact us now