This is a T-shirt kiosk, mainly used in the mall. From the picture, we can see the appearance of this mall cabinet, which is simple and beautiful.T-Shirt

Because it only comes in white and black, there’s plenty of space for T-shirts. The front and side of the cabinet are different specifications of a layer of the lattice. The advantage of this setup is that it is easy to organize the t-shirts. We can divide the clothes into different colors, sizes, brands, and so on through this specification.

T-shirt cabinet

Usually, on this side of the pavilion, we will install light boxes on the walls, which is a place to advertise your business. And he can change the screen, very convenient to use. At the same time, there will be your logo on the pillars. The logo is your exclusive logo, and we will set it in a place that is easy to attract attention.

LED lighting

In order to make the pavilion present a better effect, we usually install led soft light strips inside the cabinet. LED lights can be different colors, we can see that the lights of this pavilion are red, and it looks cool. Because most of the lights we usually see are white lights.


This T-shirt cabinet is made of MDF and painted. The effect it presents is smooth and shiny. At the same time, in order to reduce the wear of the bottom, we will install a stainless steel kick at the bottom. We can also choose materials and brands according to your needs

Other Information

Size 4*3M (can be customized for you)

Color: White

Design time: 2-3 days

Design cost: $300, which will be returned to you upon confirmation of production

Production time: 22-26 days

Payment method: Confirm that 50% of the cost should be paid for production, and the rest should be paid before shipment

Packing: in wooden cases

Mode of transportation: Arrange transportation according to your requirements

Why choose us?

We have 20 years of service experience, and a professional design team, our service has been praised by many customers, which represents our technology, and the service is satisfactory. We can turn your ideas into unique designs. If necessary, please contact us, thank you!