Do you see the ice cream kiosk in the shopping mall? Many starters plan to open ice cream kiosks, especially in hot Summer. Due to ice cream having a sweet taste, many poeple like ice cream as a dessert. People also buy ice cream when shopping with friends. Here is an ice cream kiosk sharing with you, hoping to give you more decoration ideas.

smoothie kiosk

Description of ice cream kiosk

This ice cream kiosk is 1oft by 10ft, suitable for most mall booths. We mainly use plywood with laminate to build the ice cream kiosk. Other materials include frosted glass panels, brand logos, light box painting, etc. The color is brown and yellow, looks very attractive and outstanding.

frozen yogurt kiosk

Layout details

We can see the front side has a reception counter and a topping counter. People can order and select flavors directly, and posters and logos are attached here to remind poeple of your business. Besides, the corner has curved individual counters to show more items. The side counters have a glass sneeze guard on the top with metal support. Besides, the back counter has space for a three-compartment sink. The light boxes with delicious ice cream hang on the top, and the brand logo also attaches here to remind more poeple of your business.

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milkshake kiosk

How to get a wonderful frozen yogurt kiosk design?

  • First, you can tell us the primary information about the mall food kiosks. Includes sizes, color, counter layout, etc.
  • Second, make 3D design drawings. A 300usd design payment is to start the ice cream kiosk project. It can be deducted from the total amount when ordering.
  • Third, produce a smoothie kiosk. Workers make the smoothie kiosk according to the design drawing. So if you need any changes, please tell us during design.
  • Finally, package and ship the goods to you. We will install them at our workshop and test them before delivery.