Do you plan to start a business with an Italian Ice Cream business? Frozen yogurt kiosks, smoothie kiosks, and rolled ice cream kiosks become popular among poeple. Whenever you plan to start a frozen yogurt kiosk, this beautiful design may give you good ideas. We design it for a US customer and ship goods to Seattle. Let’s view more details information now.

frozen yogurt kiosk

Custom Italian Ice Cream kiosk

The ice cream kiosk size is 10ft by 10ft, good for making and selling rolled ice cream. It combines blue and white colors, decorated with solid wood strips, and yellow and pink colors. Leaves a deep impression on clients and gives poeple a cool feeling, it is good to improve sales performance.

smoothie kiosk

We can see the front side has a long rolled ice cream machine with a menu on the front wall. It is good to prepare roll ice cream here. Near it is a cashier register counter, we can also attach the luminous logo to remind people of your business. It has a tall tower display stand, it is good to show the menu to help people order. The entrance door near the working counter is convenient for poeple to enter into the ice cream booth.

smoothie kiosk

There is a 3-compartment water sink inside the ice cream kiosk, it’s good to wash hands and keep the frozen yogurt kiosk clean. Working counters along with lock cabinets, you can put necessary machines properly to help improve sales efficiency. We can also attach lightbox paintings on the wall to remind poeple of your business.

Produce photos show

frozen yogurt kiosk ice cream kiosk

We can see the actual ice cream kiosk effect in advance. It follows the construction drawing, and poeple are proud of it because they chose us to get wonderful designs and good quality items. Whenever you plan to start an ice cream kiosk, contact us and get more frozen yogurt kiosk options.