We can find bakery kiosks nearly in every shopping mall. Because bakeries have a yummy taste and can help drive away hunger. It can also provide energy for everyone. It’s a great option to start a bakery kiosk in the shopping mall to earn money. It not only promotes business but also displays the items in a good way. Here is a nice wooden cookie kiosk sharing with you.

Bakery kiosk

Attractive bakery kiosk design

We can see in the design, the bakery kiosk size is 10ft by 10ft. The primary color is wooden finishes combined with black, which looks high-end and can make people remember your shop theme well. Materials include Plywood with a wooden laminate surface, there is hollow decoration with light lamp decoration at the corner counter. A stainless steel kick protects the whole cupcake kiosk well.

Bakery counter

Both front and back side counter has a 2-layer glass display cabinet, it’s good to show cookies for clients to choose from. One counter has a cashier register to check bills. While another counter has a higher panel to show the brand sign and name “Monkey Cookies”. While the inner counter has lock cabinets with shelving. It is used as storage to show more items. If you have new ideas, we can also add them to your wooden kiosk design.

Bakery showcase

No matter whether you plan to sell cookies, sweet food, cakes, desserts, chocolate, or snacks, this bakery kiosk is a great choice. Besides, we can also reserve space for necessary equipment or beverage machines. We have a professional 3D design team to create kiosk models. Workers build the kiosk according to the confirmed design so that the owner can get ideal and perfect kiosks. Contact us if you have different ideas or want to view more food kiosk options.

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