Many people plan to open a modern kiosk for the jewelry business. It attracts eyes and attention and helps with promoting the brand concept. For customized jewelry kiosks, the counter layout, structure, styles, and materials are very important. They depend on how unique your kiosk is and how it will work. Today, I want to share a nice modern kiosk jewelry booth with you. It is used at a shopping mall in Atlanta, USA.

Jewelry showcase

Description of modern jewelry kiosk design

This jewelry kiosk suits a location of 10ft by 10ft, with a glass display counter surrounded at the 4 sides. People from all directions can see your products and remember the brand effect. We can see there is an individual counter in the middle of the booth, it is for checking bills. There are 3 exist in total, people are allowed to pick up and view from inside.

jewelry stand

Materials are Plywood with wooden veneer finishes decoration. The quartz stone countertop makes the jewelry kiosk outstanding. It also levels the shop theme. 8mm tempered glass with bridge LED lights brighter the items and better display goods to every person. Acrylic brand signage is set on the counter, leaving a deep impression, so that the clients will remember your brand better. Check more glass kiosk design

jewelry stall

Produce photos show

You can choose a veneer color to build the jewelry kiosk. So you can get the real kiosk as produce photos show. We will also test it before packing it and shipping it out.

jewelry cabinet jewelry cabinet

The square-shaped glass showcases in the corner. It’s higher than other glass showcases with a spotlight on 4 sides. We can use it as the main display. Wooden flooring with slop edges become popular among mall kiosks because it can protect the mall floor and make the entire jewelry kiosk look better.