Recently, t-shirt kiosks are popular among merchants as they can sell a variety of custom t-shirt styles there. It’s profitable to open a T-shirt booth in the shopping mall. Merchants can also choose a suitable T-shirt booth from Mall-Kiosk Ltd. You can learn more about T-shirt kiosk design from this article.

T-shirt kiosk

Luxury T-shirt kiosk design

This T-shirt booth size is 12ft by 10ft, and we can arrange the counters and cabinets in a suitable area. We mainly use blue and white colors to build the T-shirt counter. Materials include MDF with glossy baking paint finishes, mirror stainless steel toe kicking, acrylic brand logo, hardware, etc. We can also design it matches the brand theme.

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T-shirt counter

The layout of the T-shirt kiosk

There are display showcases on four sides so people can view and purchase items directly. The front counter has a cashier register for checking bills. We can set mannequin stands on the left countertop for clients to view the clothing looks in advance. The inside counter has a cabinet with shelving, suitable for work and restoring different T-shirt sizes for sale. Next to it is a different level counters for better usage. The corner has a tall individual brand logo stand, and we can also put up posters for advertising.

T-shirt cabinet

How to design a T-shirt kiosk?

For customized T-shirt kiosks, we need to know your requirements for T-shirt kiosk decoration. Then our design team can make a 3D design for you. The design team will take a meeting to sort out the scarf kiosk, then creates counter models and render clear photos. The owner can view the effect of the T-shirt kiosk and confirm it as the final design. If you need any changes, our design team will cooperate with the modification. We are looking to receiving your inquiry.