With the fast development of society, outdoor food kiosks and mall kiosks are popular among people. They can buy food directly on the way home or to the office and even school. It’s a great idea to start with an outdoor crepe kiosk to earn money. Today, I want to share a nice street kiosk with you.  It especially brings delicious crepes to the vibrant streets of Trinidad and Tobago.

outdoor food kiosk

10ft by 8ft crepe kiosk design

This eye-catching kiosk features a striking blue and red color combination that is sure to capture the attention of passersby. With a kitchen room and an ordered space, this crepe kiosk is perfect for serving mouthwatering crepes to hungry customers. The order counter is divided into a panel to ensure privacy for clients. Because the dining table and chairs on the right-hand side provide a comfortable space for customers to enjoy their meals.

crepe kiosk design

One of the unique features of the portable kiosk is the glass display cabinet on the side wall, showcasing a variety of beverages to boost sales. The back counter is dedicated to food preparation, ensuring efficient service and quick turnaround time for customers.

To further attract customers, merchants have the option to attach menus and advertising posters to the fast food kiosks. Additionally, the kiosk’s roof and outside wall can be customized with a logo, enhancing brand visibility and drawing more people to the kiosk.

fast food kiosk

The versatility of the 10ft by 7ft Outdoor Crepe Kiosk in various locations such as parks, streets, and bus stations. Its compact size ensures easy transportation and setup, making it a perfect choice for mobile businesses. If you are ready to start a business with an outdoor kiosk, do not hesitate to contact us. We can design and produce it to match your business and location sizes.