It’s a great idea to open a nuts kiosk on the street. Here is a nice outdoor food sharing with you. This nuts kiosk looks like a small house with lighting, locked doors, and work benches. Which is convenient for business. We design it for a client from New Zealand. Let’s view more details about the food booth.

outdoor food kiosk

Introduction of nuts booth design

This nuts booth side is 10ft by 7ft, we can arrange the nuts display counter, brand logo, menu, and posters properly. The primary color is wooden combines with black, creating a high-end shop theme. It also makes poeple think you sell natural and healthier food. Which enhances your brand theme well.

nuts stall

We can see the front counter of the food kiosk displayed counters with the brand logo on the countertop. The cashier counter is set in the middle counter convenient for clients to check bills. There are fences at the ends of counters, to prevent products from falling. While the side counter has glass display shelving with LED light. It is good to present products to clients well. There are see-through display shelving hands on the ceiling, staff can place necessary items here for convenient usage.

nuts cabinet

The back side counter is good for placing equipment to work. Posters and menus on the wall for advertising. The delicious food attracts people to buy. Underneath the counter are cabinets for storage. Besides, there is a round stainless steel logo on the top, which makes your shop memorable.

Lighting and doors are very important for outdoor booths. Don’t forget to add lightbox posters on the back side walls, which is good to help people learn more about your business. It’s also installed at our workshop, so the owner can use it directly when receiving the outdoor booth.