Say goodbye to boring and uninviting food court stalls. The bubble tea kiosk is a game-changer in terms of aesthetics and functionality. The compact size of the shop design is perfect for those who plan to start a food court counter. And it’s also suitable for people who have a limited budget. The design is versatile, allowing for customization to fit your brand’s personality and style.

beverage kiosk

Description of bubble tea counter

The bubble tea kiosk measures 11ft by 8ft with combines of purple and white colors. There are two bubble tea cup models that serve as decorations on the front counter. It attracts clients and makes your shop outstanding. In the middle, there is a topping area where customers can customize their drinks. And a cashier counter is situated on the side to facilitate transactions. Besides, it’s the main point of interaction between the customer and the staff.

food court counter

The back of the tea kiosk features TV screens. They can display the menu, different bubble tea flavors, and advertising. Under the TVs is a workspace for the machines used to make the drinks. We can also increase the storage cabinet under the counter table. Don’t forget to add lights to the bubble tea kiosk to increase lights.

Produce photos show

We can view the real produce beverage kiosk effect below. That’s what our clients get for the business. So they only need to check and confirm the kiosk design, we will complete the rest work.

boba kiosk green tea kiosk

Bubble tea has been a popular drink worldwide. We can also add seating areas, so customers can enjoy their favorite bubble tea. This food court counter is perfect for malls, airports, and other high-traffic areas. Besides, if you plan to open a food shop, the interior of the shop design is equally impressive. From the cozy seating area to the sleek counter, every element is carefully thought out to provide a comfortable and enjoyable experience for customers.