The crepe kiosk is one of the popular food kiosks because poeple like crepe as a snack. Crepe can drive away hunger and gives people energy. It’s never too late to open a crepe kiosk in the mall. Most people earn money because mall snack kiosks are easy to run and need a small investment.

crepe kiosk

Description of crepe kiosk

This crepe kiosk size is 3m by 3m, using brown as the main color. Both countertop and inner cabinets use cream color decoration, look very upscale, and reflect your shop theme. We can see there is lovely brand signage on the counter body, it reminds poeple of your business and leaves a deep impression. Any good ideas can add to the kiosk design to make it look better and more useful.

crepe kiosk

Layout information

We can see the front counter has 2 crepe machines with topping, that are convenient to use. Clear glass panels surround the kiosk, which keeps clients away from the working area. While the right side counter has a cashier register to check bills. A tall panel stands at the corner to show the brand name and light box painting. Besides, the whole back counter uses for working, and beverage machines add at the top. There are 3 compartment sinks near the entrance door. The frosted glass prevents people from looking at the workspace from the outside. Learn more about waffle kiosk

crepe kiosk

Materials information:

  • Basic material: Plywood uses to build the counter body, that’s to make the crepe kiosk a strong structure.
  • Surface material: Lamination to make the food kiosk has unique effects that meet the merchant’s needs.
  • Logo material: a 3D luminous logo with LED lights, highlighting your crepe stall.
  • Other materials: Tempered glass, stainless steel, light box painting, etc.

crepe kiosk

Produce photos show

From the design drawing, you can see the overall effect of the crepe stall from both inside and outside. However, the real produce photos indicate how the kiosk helps you with business. If you need a wonderful food shop in the mall, contact us now.

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crepe kiosk crepe kiosk