Everyone likes to wear T-shirts because it makes people feel relaxed. Opening a nice T-shirt kiosk to earn money is a great idea. Buinessmen can choose unique T-shirt kiosk designs for businesses to leave a deep impression on clients and show items well. Today, I want to share a lovely clothing booth style with you. It’s in orange and white color, with an elegant effect. Let’s view more details now.

T-shirt booth

Introduction of T-shirt kiosk

This T-shirt kiosk size is 10ft by 10ft, suitable for most rental locations at the shopping mall. We can see the front and right-hand side has a reception counter with a locked storage cabinet. You can pass T-shirts to clients and can check bills. The front counter has velcro decoration with a glass panel, that’s good to attach attractive partners for consumers to purchase.

T-shirt showcase

At the back side, there is a 2-stair display counter display, the clothing kiosk is good to show ready T-shirts, scarves, hats, and clothes. Clients can view sizes and T-shirt styles well. While the inside counter has pull-out panels to help fold clothes, and the bottom has lock cabinets with shelving. Besides, the left-hand side has the entrance and brand logo panel with light box painting for advertising.

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T-shirt booth

Produce photos show

We can view the whole T-shirt booth directly from the product photos. That’s based on the confirmed design drawing. So as you decide on the 3D design drawing, you can get the ideal T-shirt counter for business. We can also show you the progress details during production.

T-shirt counter

Material information

The primary material is MDF with glossy baking paint finishes. We can use 304 stainless steel to project the mall kiosk kicking. Other materials include 8mm tempered glass, acrylic logo, hardware, light box, light lamp, etc. If you have any questions, please contact us, we are ready to help you.

T-shirt kiosk