Outdoor coffee kiosks are seen everywhere in the streets, airports, train stations, and outside malls. It’s a good place for clients to buy a cup of coffee and relax. Today, I want to share a nice outdoor coffee kiosk with you. It has a metal frame with glass doors. Let’s view more details together.

Coffee kiosk

Introduction of coffee kiosk

This coffee kiosk size is 10m by 4m and looks like a retail shop. It includes a service counter, kitchen room, dining table and chairs, brand logo, locked doors, etc. Staff can prepare food and coffee efficiently, and the clients can also sit down and enjoy coffee. The primary color is black, and white combined with wooden finishes. It looks brilliant, and upscale and increases a sense of environmental friendly.

Coffee counter

We can see there is an entrance in the middle of the portable kiosk. There is a service counter to help clients order and pick up coffee directly. While the back side wall is used as a brand imagine a wall with wooden strip decoration. Merchants can also add glass showcases, machines, and water sinks to the counters. It’s a good idea to increase the existence on both sides, which meets fire protection requirements.

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Coffee shop

There are dining tables with chairs and a sofa surrounding the coffee shop. Businessmen can also attach brand logos on the wall for advertising. Flooring, lighting, and roof are very important for retail coffee shops. Whenever you are looking for an outdoor coffee kiosk, contact us and get more good designs.