There are many unique jewelry kiosks for business. Everyone likes special and high-end jewelry display showcases, so they can enhance the shop theme and makes the items valuable. We recently made new jewelry kiosks for US customers. Today, I want to share a nice mall kiosk design with you. Let’s view the details information together.

jewelry kiosk

Description of jewelry showcase

It’s a customized jewelry kiosk, and the kiosk sizes, colors, layout, and materials follow the client’s needs. Here is the basic information below.

  • Size: 11ft by 11ft
  • Color: White glossy surface and black brand name
  • Materials: MDF with high glossy baking paint, silver stainless steel kicking, the acrylic logo with backlit, light box painting, tempered glass, and light lamp.
  • Usage: Display all kinds of jewelry and necklaces in a good way, protect items at night, promote the brand theme, etc.

Jewelry showcase for retail shop

jewelry kiosk

There are glass cabinets on four sides, with three layers with slopes that can present jewelry to guests in the best view. And the bottom also uses to show jewelry. There are taller glass showcases at four corners, strips on two walls, and each cabinet has a lamp on the top to increase brilliance. And there is soft signage “body shake” on the surface. Besides, there is an individual counter with a panel stand aside from the counter. It uses to check bills and express products and logos to clients.

jewelry shop

Production details

The owner can view the jewelry and watch kiosk effects in reality. All the production procedures will also update you regularly. No matter how unique the jewelry kiosk you want, please send us an inquiry now. And our sales team and design team can help you make excellent jewelry kiosks for you.

jewelry showcase jewelry cabinet