How do you think about starting a jewelry business with metal kiosks? Metal kiosks look high-end and can make the products look better. It can also make people feel the product is worth its value. Today, I want to share a nice metal kiosk with you. Hope it will give you better ideas before opening a jewelry shop. Let’s learn more details together.

Introduction of jewelry cabinet

This jewelry cabinet is mainly used against the wall to increase the display area and decorate the wall. The primary color is golden finishes with an inner black color. Which looks high-end and matches the uniform jewelry shop. It also creates a metal texture that makes your shop outstanding and eye-catching.

metal kiosk

The size is 120cm long for each cabinet, we can make the cabinets one by one match the wall length. It has a glass cabinet door with shelving in the middle. This is the optimal viewing height, so guests can see directly into the displays. Therefore, merchants can display jewelry sets and display shelves to promote consumers’ purchasing desires.

The top ceiling has lock cabinets with locks used to increase the storage area. It makes the overall jewelry showcase look better. Or, merchants can also attach brand logos or advertising posters. While the bottom has drawers and a storage cabinet. Storage cabinets make jewelry display cabinets more practical.

Real effect show

jewelry showcase

Produce is based on the confirmed showcase design. Workers make it step by step, so it looks beautiful in real life. Clients can also use it in the proper area according to the shop furniture layout plan. Whenever you are ready to start a jewelry business, contact us now and get more good jewelry showcase designs.