Cellphone repair kiosks are good places to provide after-sale services and fix smartphones. No matter you start a business in the mall or service center, the cellphone repair kiosk helps a lot. It has a repair table, reception desk, and display showcase area. Your brand logo, posters, and light can add to the phone repair kiosk. Here is a useful phone booth sharing with you.

cellphone repair kiosk

Description of phone repair kiosk

This phone repair kiosk has both a display showcase area and a service counter. The size is 15ft by 12ft, the main color is white with orange color decoration. Looks attractive and bright. Materials include MDF with high glossy baking paint, acrylic panel, and hollow-out luminous brand sign.

cellphone accessories kiosk

Phone accessories kiosk layout

We can see the front side has a working counter with open abinets, it’s good to do phone repair services. The cashier register can also place here. Because in front has a taller glass showcase with the brand logo, it is good to show items and can hide the working area. Clients won’t see your work from outside. Near it is a glass counter with cabinets at the bottom. You can also show advertising here.

phone case kiosk

The back side has wall cabinets with shelving and glass doors, it has a place at the edge to avoid items falling. You can also use it as a brand image wall, it’s a nice idea to attach a TV player, posters, and brand name facing the public. A decoration roof surrounds the kiosk you can add lights and a brand logo to mkae your phone shop outstanding.

Mobile shop fixture layout

cell phone kiosk

Produce photos show

We can see the real effect of a cellphone repair kiosk directly, it can help the owner understand what they will finally get. And also can guide people to assemble them when receiving the kiosk. We will pre-install the phone kiosk first and make sure everything works well.

cellphone repair kiosk