Shoe kiosks are seen everywhere in the shopping mall because shoes have become a symbol of our characters. People wear different shoes to participate in meetings, dating, hiking, joining parties and clubs, etc. It’s a great idea to open a shoe kiosk to earn money. Today, I want to introduce an excellent shoe kiosk design to share with you.

shoes cabinet

Introduction of shoe kiosk

This shoe kiosk is mainly white with brilliant light lamps that can reflect shoes well and are convenient for clients to select. It fits a location of 14ft by 10ft and includes multiple glass layers of a showcase for shoes. Each shelving has a black mirror stainless steel surface, which makes the shoe shop look better. Tempered glass is used to protect shoes from being stolen when closed at night.

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shoe display

The reception counter height is lower than other counters, which meets the mall standard of ADA counter. We can add display cabinets here as other counters, while the inside has drawers and cabinets for storage. We can also set advertising at the corner to remind poeple of your business. There is a tall tower panel, and we can add a logo and TV player to make people notice your mall booth.

shoes counter

Production photos

We can see the natural effect during production photos and test it before delivery. Contact us soon, no matter how unique of shoe kiosk you want. Our design team can create shopping center kiosk models for your confirmation. Besides, production is according to the confirmed design, and you can get what you want.

shoes shop display shoes kiosk

Materials introduction

We mainly use MDF with baking paint to build the shoe kiosk body. Other materials include white stone, 8mm tempered glass, stainless steel, hollow-out acrylic logo, etc. Except for shoes, you can also use them as a hat kiosk.