Are you ready to feast your eyes on a truly eye-catching street food kiosk? Street food stall is popular because it helps poeple start a business at any location. It also helps with attracting clients and enhancing the brand theme. This vibrant and attention-grabbing kiosk is 15 ft by 7 ft in size. And is a delightful combination of pink, yellow, and white colors. With its brilliant color scheme, it is sure to stand out wherever it goes. Today, I want to share a nice and lovely outdoor booth with you.

Food booth

Introduce about 15ft by 7ft pizza kiosk

This street food kiosk is equipped with all the necessary features to make your food business a success. It has a roof, a floor, a kitchen room, and an order space. There is even an advertising area for you to promote your business. This burger kiosk is perfect for use in parks, streets, bus stations, or any other location where you want to attract customers.

Coffee kiosk

The front and right-hand side of the fast food kiosk have glass windows that serve as sales windows. To entice customers even further, the menu board is strategically placed at the corner pillar, making it easy for people to see and place their orders. Starters can also set up their equipment properly to prepare food efficiently.

But that’s not all. The back side of the kiosk has ample space for a wall display shelf, allowing you to showcase even more items. The display counter, workbench, water sink counter, and storage cabinet are all thoughtfully arranged to maximize work efficiency. And let’s not forget about the essential ceiling light and outside decoration light, which add a touch of elegance and ensure that the kiosk stands out, even at night.

Pizza kiosk

This street food kiosk is not just a functional space; it’s a retail shop that is to attract people and make them want to order. Its vibrant colors and well-organized layout are sure to catch the eye of passersby and turn them into loyal customers. So, if you’re looking to make a statement with your food business, this 15 ft by 7 ft brilliant color street food kiosk is the perfect choice for you.