The jewelry kiosk is suitable for all kinds of jewelry, watches, and products. We recently made many jewelry kiosks in different sizes and styles. They all follow the unique requirement and highlight the brand theme well. Today, I want to share a nice jewelry kiosk with you.

jewlery kiosk

Description of a jewelry kiosk

This jewelry kiosk mainly uses white with a black logo, and it looks brilliant and can reflect the brand theme well. It fits an area of 15ft by 10ft and includes a glass display showcase, brand logo, and storage drawers. Materials include MDF with glossy baking paint, 8mm tempered glass, stainless steel, acrylic logo, light lamp, etc.

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jewelry showcase

Layout introduction

The jewelry kiosk has two types of jewelry cabinets. One kind of showcase set at four sides has bottom slopes to better display your products to guests, such as necklaces, rings, bracelets, etc. There is a glass display area on the top to show more products. Besides, the four corners have multiple layers of the polygon glass display. It is taller than other cabinets and can use as a sales window display. Individual counter with a logo panel in the center for checking bills. It won’t affect the display area and is convenient for starting a business.

jewelry kiosk

Produce photo show

The product photo shows the actual effect of the jewelry kiosk and watches kiosk. We will install the jewelry kiosk at our workshop, so you can follow the kiosk effect and assemble it in the mall. If you have questions about jewelry kiosk design and installation, our salesperson will help you solve the problems.

jewelry showcase