Are you looking for a market stall to start a business? We recently made many island cabinets for clients. Merchants can use them very flexibly in mall stalls, candy shops, convenience stores, nut shops, or even as pop-up shops for promotional activities. Today, I want to share a nice white display counter with you. Hope it will give you more ideas to purchase your shop furniture.

Candy counter

Description of the white candy counter

We can see this candy counter is rectangular with 3 layers of countertop to place more items for sale. It needs a location of 160cm long, 60cm wide, and 880cm tall, good to stand in the middle of the shop that clients need to pass by when entering and exiting. View market stall design

Each countertop layer has transparent acrylic boxes with lids. It not only shows candy in a good way but also clients can purchase their favorite candy style without affecting others. Merchants can set this acrylic bin to surround the candy cabinet on 4 sides.

Produce work

We can see the produced photos at the workshop. The candy booth will be delivered as a whole with candy bins. So that the owner can open the business smoothly and sooner. Our workers produce the candy cabinet step by step to achieve the high-end and brilliant effect.

Candy booth Candy display cabinet

The primary material is MDF with a glossy baking paint surface treatment. It looks good and highly reflects the products. A stainless steel kick protects the whole candy kiosk, avoiding accidents. Besides, we can also add flooring light to make the kiosk outstanding if needed. The owner can also combine with other furniture styles to create a charming and unforgettable shop theme.

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