No matter if you are the first time start cake business or plan to expand your business, this food cart is a great option to earn money. Today, I want to share a nice cake booth. Hope it will give you more good ideas to build your kiosk. It is suitable for shopping malls, food restaurants, and even at the park. Let’s view more details information.

Introduction of cake cart design

This food stand size is 180cm long, 60cm wide, and 220cm tall. The primary color is red combined with white signage, which looks very attractive and outstanding. It has different levels of counters to show products and to check bills.

Cake cart

We can see the left-hand side of the food cart has a higher countertop with a TV screen in the front to play video ads. Next to it is lower countertops with a clear glass showcase. It’s good to place cupcakes, bread, waffles, and pies for clients to purchase. We can also set a menu on the counter body to remind poeple of your business so that they can understand you from a far distance. It can increase purchases. The right bottom has a wheel decoration.

Food cart

There is a push handle at the side, we can make it as a small storage cabinet here. While the back side has open shelving and cabinets to place more items. Another side also has a handle decoration with brand signage to attract more clients. Don’t forget to use the column to support the big ceiling. Merchants can add ceiling lights, and brand logos to make people notice them.

Feedback photos show

Below is a real food cart effect to help you understand it well. No matter how unique of food cart you want, we can make it come true. We have a professional designer team and manufacturing team to customize food kiosks.

Bakery cabinet