Do you plan to open a churros kisok in the mall? Churros is one of the popular food among poeple, nearly everyone likes to eat churros. Today, I want to share a nice churros kiosk sharing with you. It’s good to sell churros, frozen yogurt french fries, and bread. You can also use it as a donut kiosk. No matter what food you sell, we can make them fit your business.

Churros Kiosk

Description of churros kiosk

As we can see in the design, the main material is a wooden surface. It creates a natural and fresh food shop theme, making poeple feel that they can buy fresh and healthier food from you. The size is 2.5m by 2.5m, it includes a display counter, working table, storage cabinets, and brand logo. It is good to use and leaves a deep impression on poeple.

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Churros Kiosk

Details of frozen yogurt kisok

The front counter has a glass counter showcase and a frozen yogurt machine. It is convenient to use, and popele can also see and pick up goods from this counter. Cashier counter set at the side for serving poeple and checking bills. There is green grass decoration on the counter body, reflecting the “Green” atmosphere. Another side is used as a working counter with a taller frosted tempted glass wall to keep clients away. Fryers and water sink set on the counter table for better usage.

Churros Kiosk

There is a high stand in front of the water sink you can use as a brand logo wall to show signage, menu, and posters. The entrance door is set at the back side so that popele won’t get into the working area without permission.

All the counters of the food kiosk have wheels at the bottom, that are convenient to move. If you plan to open a fast food kiosk to earn money, send us an inquiry now!